How to bake chicken in the oven in five steps

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Baking an entire chicken it could be in some cases challenging. Also I had several issues when I tested the very first instances, but I can brag now that I make the very best baked chicken in the world. More tasteful than the one at the restaurant!

To make this specific mouth-watering restaurant recipe I simply comply with a few the following 5 methods:

STEP 1: Choose a chicken

Get a decent size chicken and after you unwrap the plastic package give it a good rinse under cold water.

Be sure you also rinse the inside of the chicken!

You can also use a frozen chicken if you have one in the freezer.

Tip: Iím not defrosting the chicken inside the microwave because it tends to dry the meat and it'll have a different taste. Instead, I fill a pot with warm water and sink the frozen chicken in the water. Ensure you get yourself a large enough pot chicken could be totally below water. In 60 minutes the chicken should be unfroze. Then Iíll give him a good rinse in water (also inside) and letís go on to the next phase.

Tip two: I also add two teaspoons of salt inside the water. It will tender the icy meat.

STEP 2: Seasoning Ė here comes the enjoyable segment!

You could use here a little bit of salt as well as some spices bought from any local grocery store, however I like to be creative. First off I pour some olive oil on the whole chicken. You can also use sunflower oil but I like essential olive oil better. Then I use a paper wipe and take away the excess essential olive oil. This way the spices or herbs will stick better at the hen's skin surface and the skin may also get a much better taste and it will be crusty.

For seasoning, the possibilities are limitless!

I use a bit of finely ground black pepper, a bit paprika, marine salt plus a few fresh herbs: fresh basil leaves, sage, dill, thyme and parsley. I use the same mix of herbs also for the cavity of the rooster. I additionally place a number of garlic cloves in the cavity since I love garlic.

If you like some heat you may also try something more exotic like: wasabi or coriander applied in the cavity of the chicken before baking it.

Tip: Place a fresh lemon inside the chicken. The flavor of your rooster going to be improved as well as the will be kept moist. I found that from the famous cooking masters Jamie Oliver:-D

STEP three: Bake the chicken

Preheat the oven at 165F (74 Celsius) and bring a pan in which you put the chicken. Ensure that the pan is big enough so those cooking juices wonít spill within the oven. I take advantage of these kinds of juices to brew a succulent dressing for that baked chicken.

Place the chicken within the oven and change the temperature to 350F (180 Celsius) for 50 minutes. This temperature is determined by the chicken dimension. In case you have a big chicken you can raise the baking temperature but never exceed 400F or 205 Celsius because you will burn the chicken!

Every now and then try out the chicken by using a fork, when the juice is clear this means that the chicken is baked.

Tip: after thirty-five minutes of baking I take away the pan from the oven and sprinkle some red wine or several drops brandy on the chicken Ė not much!(we donít need to get drunk :-D ) It will give him a fantastic flavor! After that let the chicken grill within the oven for a 1/4 hour.

Tip two: I use a little water inside the pan and also in that water I add two to three fresh lemons for the taste improvement

Tip three: An inside temperature of at the very least 165 F (74 Celsius) is required to eradicate the micro organism

STEP 4: The sauce

When you have taken out the chicken out of oven you can make some sauce! For now I will not make use of the sauce from the backed chicken.

As I said, I love garlic:-D and I will do a sour cream and garlic dressing. For this I need one cup sour cream (low - fat), five garlic cloves (powdered), half tablespoon oregano, a pinch of black pepper and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix those together and then you we got a fine mixture pour a tablespoon of milk to simply help it become smoother.

STEP five: Baked chicken Ė serving options:

While the chicken can be eaten very well just like this, you could add some taste with it if you add a garnish. Here the possibilities are countless. I like mine with sweet potatoes ďnatureĒ with butter and some rosemary.

For more guidelines on how to bake chicken in the oven and baked chicken restaurant recipes go to how to bake chicken in the

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