How To Authenticate Your Swtor Account

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Like in all MMORPGs, an SWTOR account also offers different races within each class of both factions in the game – The Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Some of the playable races have been confirmed by BioWare, the developers of the SWTOR gaming universe, while others are still awaited. Here, we take a glance at the confirmed classes that a wanna-be SWTOR account holder should look out for.

Humans: No MMORPG comes without a human race incorporated in it. With a swtor account, the Human race will be allowed to be a part of any class they choose whereas other races are restricted to certain class types. There is high customization available for this race from desired gender to different hairstyle, body and looks. Another interesting option available to choose from for this race is tattoos and scars.

Rattaki: In SWTOR, the race that looks pretty much like Humans is the Rattaki race. However, they sport a very pale skin and no hair at all. This leads to the realization that there will be little customization available for this race, which is so far limited to tattoos. Selecting your Rattaki character will include using male or female and adorning them with different tattoos.

Twi’lek: This is another well known race in Star Wars. They are the ones with a colorful skin and barin tails – tails coming out from their heads. These tails are used to communicate between themselves without anyone being able to hear. An SWTOR account holder will get to choose from various skin colors and tail tattoos for this race.

Chiss: These are lean, blue colored people with red eyes. At this point, not much is known about this race but they are closer to humans in more ways than one. So the most probable customization swtor accounts will offer will be those of gender, hair color, tattoos etc.

Sith: The Sith Empire is one of the factions in the Star Wars universe and this is a pureblood race within it. The Sith hate the Jedi and is one of the most evil looking races in SWTOR. The available customization will be with their facial tendrils. Gender and hair customization for Siths is still not confirmed.

Miraluka: This is a race which looks a lot like humans but do not have visible eyes. Instead they use the Force to see. The customizations for them apart from the ones available for the human race, additionally has the option of visors or veils to cover their faces.

Mirialan: Mirialans also look like humans with the exception of a yellow to green skin. They could also sport a human-like pale skin sometimes. Besides selection between male and female characters, a unique customization feature will be choosing tattoos for the face of the Mirialan race.

Zabrak: The Zabrak usually have a red skin color in SWTOR and have horns. They have evil tendencies, which make them a natural Sith Empire race. This race can be customized using different facial tattoos and horns. Hopefully BioWare will include additional skin colors to this race too!

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