How to Apply Makeup

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Most women think of eye makeup as quite complicated as there is an array of cosmetics, products, colors and shades that are available these days. It can get quite a bit confusing when it comes to choosing the right shade of eye shadow or liner. But if you take cue from these simple tips.

The first thing that you need to do is to get a good concealer to hide all those dark puffy circles under your eyes. It is always preferable that you use a professional brush to pad the concealer. There are some simple natural remedies too that you can try before you apply the concealer.

Everyone probably knows the saying about the eyes being the window to one's soul. And what better way to flutter one's best eyes forward than a proper application of eye shadow. Learning how to apply eye shadow the right way is the first step in flaunting one's natural beauty.

When it comes to your eyebrow, you can use a pencil. A perfect eyebrow must begin where the pencil makes the alignment with your lips' outer edge and your eye's inner corner. It is also important to get rid of all the stray hair located underneath the brow and not from its upper portion.

Back in the old days, applying makeup on the face for a performance focuses on the skin. Well, that manner is still very much used these days but with more focus on the other aspects of applying stage makeup as well.

When you go to apply eye shadow, you might find that you are little concerned about what color to choose. The truth of the matter is that using any one color, even if it is a relatively sedate one, can give an effect that is a little too bold or pointed.

This miracle makeup contains an ingredient that even protects our skin from sun damage, future wrinkles and sun spots. Major makeup companies are getting involved with mineral makeup such as Maybelline, Milani, Cover Girl and Revlon to name a few.

Apply your eye shadow as usual, but now you can use frosted shades. Also, try using a deeper color than your daytime shadow, or simply top off your regular shade with a deeper or brighter shade just on the outer corner of your lid. Start with your highlighter and cover the eye area.

Apply your chosen primary shade to your whole eyelid and later apply the lighter shade on top of the primary shade, up to right below your eyebrows. Traditional eye shadow powders usually have small applicator brushes and foam pads you can use.

Always start with a clean face. Next, apply a moisturizer cream that is designed for your skin. If your skin is extremely dry, be generous with your moisturizer. Oily skin would do best with a moisturizer that has anti-shine properties to keep the oil from ruining your makeup.

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