How to Accomplish Safe and Effective Skin Rejuvenation

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A good skin cleansing routine that uses the best facial cleanser for your skin type can be a simple way to accomplish skin rejuvenation. But what should you look for in the products you want to use? You want a product which cleans deeply and adds moisture to your skin rather than stripping it away.

There are some ingredients which are common to many foaming facial cleansers that make them a bad choice for you. You should avoid any product which contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate. This is a foaming agent which can cause skin irritation and other problems. It can make your skin feel dry and tight and is not a good choice for your use.

Look at using a gentle cleanser that is not soap based since soaps can also dry your skin. The best facial cleanser is one that is gentle enough to use on even the driest and most delicate skin. Ingredients such as honey, vegetable oils and lemon juice make excellent facial cleansers that can help with the skin rejuvenation process. This is because they are gentle but thorough and are also all natural.

A good exfoliator is another step in the skin rejuvenation process. This is because it can remove old skin cells that make your face look dry and dull. Clearing away dead skin cells can allow fresh skin to show through which can make your skin look much younger and healthier. Look for scrubs made of salt or sugar since these are capable of clearing away dead skin cells.

Did you know that milk is an excellent exfoliator? It's true! This is because the lactic acid in milk will dissolve the old skin cells and it will allow new skin cells to shine through. It is also much more gentle than salt or sugar scrubs since it is non abrasive. You may want to try both a scrub and a lactic acid mask to see which work best for you.

The last element to a great skin rejuvenation routine is moisturizing. You need to replenish your skin and replace the moisture that has been pulled out of your skin cells through normal living. There are a number of natural ingredients which can return moisture to your skin. They include honey (also a great choice for acne prone skin), olive oil and avocado puree or oil.

Skin rejuvenation is simple and can be accomplished through completely natural means. Using natural products will keep your body in good shape much the same way as your skin will be.

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