How the Personal Digital Assistant works

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The Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is also known as palmtop computer. It is a hand held device with the combination of fax, telephone, computing, networking features and internet. One can use the PDA Phones like a simple mobile phone, web browser, personal organizer and fax sender etc. Most PDAs are run by the pen based accessories in place of keyboard in the case of a portable computer. There is a pen like device called as stylus to which can be used instead of thumb. So this type of mobile has the ability of handwriting recognition. Handwriting Recognition is a technique by which the computer system recognizes the natural handwriting. It can recognize the symbols and characters written by natural handwriting by using the stylus. The system recognizes the natural writing wrote by using the stylus and turns it into the digital text.

Different PDAs are available in the market with voice input facilities also. These types of smart phones use the technologies of voice recognition. In such type of PDAs the system recognizes the word spoken. In this technology the system only takes the dictation rather than to understand the meaning of what is being said. So it is the processing of natural language. Apple computer was the first company to introduce the PDAs. In 1993 Apple computer introduced the PDA named Newton Message Pad. Shortly thereafter, many manufacturers made similar products. Today most popular PDA brand is Palm Pilots manufactured by Palm, Inc.

Now a day it is very attractive product among the customers. Unlike a simple computer it is with you all the time as it is the hand held device and designed to fit in your pocket. It is just like a mini but powerful computer with strong processor and a large capacity memory up to 128 MB. The PDAs has all the functionalities which a simple phone has but apart from that such type of Smartphones also has some more advanced features. It is capable to connect and communicate to other electronic devices like digital cameras or personal computers. So thus by using PDAs we can manage a large amount of data through connecting it with the other devices as compared to simple cellular phones.

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