How streaming affects how we watch movies?

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Certainly the internet has affected the way we watch movies. Over the past fifteen years or so, the percentage of people in the US using the internet on a regular basis has risen from 10% in 1995 to well over 75% today. The way we watch movies at home has also radically changed, from queuing at the video store, to renting and buying DVDs by mail, even getting the movie you want via vending machine, but the internet again has changed all of this.

There are websites now that allow you to stream movies from their sites ostensibly for nothing. The choice of movies on offer is often quite broad and it is up to movie subscribers which type of membership they go for. The whole process of streaming is temporary where the compressed video and audio files are sent over the internet in the form of a data stream. The movie is then written into a temporary folder and vanishes after viewing. Usually you will need the latest version of Flash to view these films. The whole thing works rather like the old fashioned radio or television receiver but this time software rather than manual or automatic tuners allow subscribers to receive the movie on their home computers.

Most of these streaming movie clubs allow their subscribers to watch movies free. There have been discussions about introducing paywalls which would effectively block certain sites and most magazine sites use this system where subscribers have to pay to access content. However most streaming movies sites only ask people to join their club before allowing them access to hundreds of movies from a wide selection of genres.

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