How Stackable Dryers Work

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If you don’t have much room for a laundry center but are tired of having to take your laundry to the Laundromat each week, then you may be in the market for stackable dryers. Stackable dryers can be a definite advantage if you have limited space in your house or apartment because the stackable dryers are actually located above the washer part of the unit. Understanding how stackable dryers work may help you as you try to find the right laundry machines to fit your needs.
Because the unit has one machine directly above the other, stackable dryers can fit into a closet or could even be placed in a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom where they can be tucked away into a corner pretty well. The main reason people purchase stackable dryers is because they don’t take up very much space. Stackable dryers are smaller than the traditional style of washer and dryer; they are not as wide or as deep. If you are looking at your available space, remember that you are going up, so you can’t place the unit in a traditional laundry room where there is a bank of cupboards above the space for the washer.

The average dimensions show that stackable dryers require at least 76 inches from the floor going up to clear the height of the unit. Width can range from 24 to 40 inches, while the depth required for stackable dryers can be as much as 3 feet. This is because you have to include the space for vents and cords in your depth measurements.
As you can imagine, the washers are located as the bottom half of the unit, with the stackable dryers connected above. The washers usually come with a variety of temperature controls and setting controls. After your wash cycle is complete, you take the clothes out of the washer and place them in the dryer.
Stackable dryers often have a dial to choose the type of clothing you are placing in it. These may include delicate, permanent press, and cotton. This will determine the amount of heat that is being used, such as a higher heat for cotton and a lower heat for delicates. Other stackable dryers may have a control that allows you to choose whether you have a regular load or a permanent press load, and these timed loads run for a period of time based on the moisture content of the clothing which is determined by sensors in the unit. These stackable dryers will be turned off when the sensor is unable to detect very much moisture. Some stackable dryers have wrinkle reducing technology which keeps the drum turning without heat until you open the door and remove the clothing. Most stackable dryers include a buzzer or other sound to alert you to the fact that the cycle has finished and your clothes are dry.

Stackable dryers can run on electricity or natural gas, so your choice may depend on the home or apartment you are living in and whether both options are available. Stackable dryers can be very helpful if your space is limited.

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