How SMS Marketing Helps Your Business

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SMS Marketing lets your business recognise one of the most important truisms in advertising lore. Every customer, and every promotion, is different. The most successful promotions are always the ones that use the right medium to send the right message to the right people. Using SMS technology in all its different forms lets you develop personal interactive relationships with your customers – relationships that lead to fruitful returns on your advertising investment.
The two cornerstones of text marketing technology are choice and variety. “Choice” as in the choice made by your customer; and the variety of SMS marketing methods by which you can capitalise on those choices.
Trumpia offers a broad selection of these methods. Customers can choose from 20 powerful ways to use mobile marketing to its best advantage, which of course gives them plenty of scope for choosing the right one. Typical examples include straight bulk SMS messaging; two way texting; and MMS messaging.
The right choice depends on the promotion you have in mind. Perennially successful examples of good mobile marketing include the time specific promotion, which lets a company treat its customers like social network contacts. A company collects a list of customers willing to be in its social network by using a mobile keyword based promotion – at which point it can use the list it has created to develop SMS marketing initiatives that look and feel like networking invitations.

The simplest example of this kind of advertising is the invitation – where a company offers its mobile marketing list members the chance to turn up at a specified place, at a specified time, to receive a loyalty benefit. Examples of this kind of marketing have been used to promote everything from blockbuster movies to nights at bars and clubs.
Two way messaging works in the same kind of way. When a company uses the two way messaging part of Trumpia’s SMS marketing service, it is able to conduct genuine conversations with individual customers: ideally, clearly, for making those customers feel like a part of a social network.
The key to these promotions is accuracy. You need to give your customers things that they genuinely want. Advertising has moved away from the aggressive SPAM driven model of the late ‘90s and noughties: now companies are striving to find common ground with their customers, so they can plug themselves into the fruitful social environment that has been created by the Internet and its major networking sites.

With recommendations and “likes” the name of the game, every company worth its advertising salt is looking to combine SMS marketing with social media and email marketing. So doing allows you to have a relationship with your customer that is very similar to the relationship those customers have with their friends – benign and fruitful.

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