How Shop NBC Coupons can Offer a Better Shopping Experience

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Television shopping is an American phenomenon that brought a never before seen level of convenience to the shopping experience. In an era before the internet, this concept let people peruse merchandise from the comfort of their homes. Today, it is usually combined with web shopping to create an even more personalized and useful tool for consumers. One of the most trusted and successful providers of home shopping on the contemporary scene is ShopNBC.

ShopNBC was established in the year 2000, though it was originally branded under the name ValueVision (1991) before it was purchased by the well known television giant. For understandable reasons, the company rebranded as ShopNBC in June of 2000. From that point on, the new network attempted to set itself apart from the competition.

As the new kid on the block, ShopNBC promoted itself as high-end alternative to its competitors. With an average transaction of $225 in the early going, the new network gained ground on the industry leaders. Though their catalogue was every bit as expansive as the other networks, the higher average transactions for ShopNBC were due almost entirely to the sale of jewelry. While their competitors were busy selling off-brand appliances and cheap accessories, the new network was committed to moving real gold and gems.

In the wake of the economic recession, however, the company matched consumer demand by replacing much of its high-end pieces with more affordable, yet high quality jewelry. ShopNBC has also expanded its quondam catalogue to include popular household items like mattresses, computers, big screen TVs and beauty products. ShopNBC has also signed exclusive contracts with a number of companies, to bring even greater values to its customers.

Internet Coupons

One area where ShopNBC has a leg up on the competition is in online sales. Because they were the newcomer, the company focused on potential areas of growth right from the start. Even though the network was promoted as a television seller, they embraced the online aspect of the new paradigm. This made perfect sense, of course. Selling on the internet is not only faster than selling on television and on the phone, it is also much cheaper. That is why the company offers internet coupons as an incentive to get people to shop online.

What are the benefits?

To the company, itís simple. Placing orders through call centers is expensive, no matter where they are located. A person must be there to answer the phone, answer questions, and input the order. But when a product is purchased online, the customer does all the work and the costs are cut to the bone. Then there is the simple fact that most people prefer shopping online to waiting to place an over the phone. It doesnít even matter if they have to even their own information. What the modern shopper wants is speed and convenience.

When shoppers sign up for a free account on, they receive coupons that help them save on specific products and orders. For example, a new member can save on his very first internet purchase. There are also deals and specials that are only available online. Clearance items are often offered to online members first.

What does ShopNBC sell?

The network has always been known for timepieces. Today, you can find over fifty different top watch brands in their long line of offerings. In fact, several hours of programming are devoted to watches each and every day. Their bestsellers come from Invicta, Croton, Movado, Android, Swiss Legend and Fossil. Web exclusives on watches give shoppers the ability to save on top watch brands.

ShopNBC also sells a wide array of electronics and technological gadgets. They offer computers, digital cameras, GPS devices, e-readers, cell phones, camcorders and gaming consoles. As you might imagine, newfangled gadgets are far less likely to go on sale than items that do not have an expiration date.

The network is also a top seller of big-screen television sets. Instead of focusing on smaller models like its competitors, ShopNBC offers larger units and somehow saves enough money on shipping to turn a profit. Donít ask us how they do it, but the network consistently sells out of plasma and LCD sets.

Jewelry, home and collectibles, beauty, apparel and accessories, and health and fitness are the other popular categories for online shoppers. A good mix of products from each group is offered as clearance items on a regular basis. There is no telling when coupons and web exclusives will become available. Shoppers who create an online account can receive regular alerts and coupons via email. Otherwise, it is a good idea to check the website every now and again for appealing deals. Just remember that online exclusives are available in limited quantities and once they are gone, they are often gone for good!

Placing orders on is often faster and more affordable than doing it over the phone. Check out their wide array of merchandise and shopper-friendly coupon codes now.

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