How Scissors Make the Cut

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Whether you're a professional hairstylist or just prefer to cut your family's hair yourself, your most important tool is the right pair of scissors. But what makes for the right pair of haircutting shears? How do scissors make the cut?

A good pair of scissors can be the difference between a striking, sharp hairstyle and one that just falls flat. Everything from a totally new hairstyle to a quick, minor adjustment is very reliant on the quality and style of scissors being used. Some more elaborate hairstyles may even require several different pairs of scissors but the right scissors are even crucial for the most basic of cuts.

There are several varieties of hairstyling shears available, depending on the job at hand. These include thinning shears, styling shears, tempered shears, and even left-handed shears. Each of these scissors is designed to perform a specific task. This can range from the most basic haircut to intricate hairstyle designs.

When it comes to a basic haircut, you can't go wrong with barber shears. These are the preferred industry standard and for good reason. Barber shears are great when it comes to providing a crisp, clean, precise cut in one stroke. But depending on your hairstyling needs, you might not have use for these basic scissors. It's a good idea to first determine your own haircutting needs which will make it easier to discover what scissors are right for you.

If you're a professional hairstylist, the preferred styles of your client base will be one of your deciding factors. You'll also want to consider the way you tend to hold the shears while styling. If you're only cutting your own or your family's hair, you likely won't have to worry about incorporating such a wide variety of styles into your decision. Once you've got these basics out of the way, it's time to start making an informed decision.


First of all, let's look at different styles of blades. Scissors with beveled blades feature a single serrated edge. These are best suited for layered and tapered cuts. Scissors with convex blades feature extremely sharp blades. These are usually used for "slide cutting," and they offer a crisp, sharp cut.


Handles also come into play-significantly in some cases. Opposed grip scissors feature two handles of identical length. These are suited for stylists who prefer to cut hair using the thumb and the middle finger. Offset grip scissors are better suited for stylists who use their thumb and ring finger. The offset design-a long finger handle paired with a shortened thumb handle-supports more fluid movements than the opposed grip design. Crane grips are another option. This design is similar to an offset grip but with a longer, angled thumb. This allows for a more open cutting style while relieving pressure from the wrist.

Blade Length

Blade length is often a matter of personal preference, according to your cutting style and preferred grip. Your hand's comfort is of the utmost importance when it comes to choosing the right scissors. No matter if you're a professional stylist or just touching up your own haircut in the mirror, if you're not comfortable, you're not likely to do your best work.

A short blade is often used for more intricate styling, such as detailed touchups. This includes things like cutting around the ears and other areas close to the skin. Long blades, on the other hand, are useful for cutting thick hair as well as creating longer hairstyles.

These are just some of the basics to help you get started. Once you've started experimenting with shears, you'll likely begin to notice other factors that impact your personal performance, ranging from the actual production material of the scissors to their tension.

The above mentioned traits are the standards for selecting a pair of scissors. Some other features that stylists may choose to focus on include the production material of the shears, the method of production of the shears, and the tension system the shears provide. If you're interested in haircutting scissors only for home use, this should be a fairly easy decision. But if you're a professional, you'll want to make as informed of a decision as possible since your very livelihood and professional reputation could be riding on that next pair of scissors.Kissaki has been selling hair cutting scissors and Razors for the Professional Hair Stylist since 2001. We sell worldwide and have tens of thousands satisfied clients. Our success is attributed to our high quality products at a great value and our emphasis on customer satisfaction. Visit online today.

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