How Safe are Plastic Food Storage Containers?

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Plastic food storage containers are a preferred storage option with most people. Food storage bins made of plastic do not break or damage easily. Moreover, containers made of high quality plastic have become very popular for their capability to preserve food products without loss of flavor and freshness. However, one major concern relating to these storage bins is that of safety, and a question that most people ask is “how safe are plastic food storage containers”?

Plastic Food Containers - A Safe Storage Option

Quality plastic food storage containers are made of high-density polyethylene (plastic #2), low-density polyethylene (plastic #4) and polypropylene (plastic #5). These can be used to store raw as well as prepared food and are safe for reuse. They can store both hot and cold cooked foodstuff. Another advantage of these premium food storage containers is that they are odor resistant and can preserve food flavor and aroma. Other factors that make plastic storage containers a safe and convenient storage option are:

• Maintain room temperature of both hot and cold food

• Unbreakable and easy to use

• Prevent exposure of food to environmental contamination

• Convenient to use in freezers and refrigerators

• Microwave safe

• Resistant to chemicals, stains and impact

• Lightweight

• Serve take-out food needs without spillage and leakage

• Can be cleaned easily

• Adhere to strict FDA requirements

• Affordable

Owing to their convenience, plastic food storage bags are also the favorite choice of household kitchens, restaurants, bakeshops, cafeterias, snack bars, pastry shops and other foodservice stations.

Select From a Range of Models

Plastic storage containers are available in different models varying in shapes, dimensions, storage capacities and colors, with or without air tight lids. These bins can be used to store flour, cereals, rice, sugar, soups, tuna salad, potato salad, yogurt, cooked meat products, fish, fried rice, sandwich, pasta, noodles, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, herbs and so on. Some of the portable storage containers available in leading online stores are (but not limited to):

Clear Plastic Food Container with Hinged Lid - 16 Oz: This container comes with air-tight and leak-resistant lid. The important advantage of these food boxes are they do not dent or crack when kept in a freezer. They would not break down oils in salads, which make them a convenient choice to store and take out foodstuff.

Camwear White Poly Storage Box - 22 Gallon: Made of impact, chemical and stain resistant solid white plastic, this storage box minimizes the risk of cross contamination by transferring ingredients out of cardboard boxes.

Buy Quality Containers Online

Before purchasing plastic food storage containers, ensure that they are made of material that is safe. Using inferior quality bins can cause skin, eye and respiratory tract irritations, fatigue, depression, and affect kidney and central nervous system function. Buy your food storage bins from reputable online distributors would ensure non-toxic, food-safe products at affordable prices, as well as volume discounts for bulk purchases.

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