How Pump Hire Specialists are Helping to Protect Wildlife Environments

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Protecting and improving England’s natural environment, and encouraging people to enjoy and get involved in their surroundings, is something the Government is becoming increasingly keen to promote. They have even created an Executive Non-Departmental Public Body – Natural England – which is responsible to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to ensure the protection of our wildlife and rural environment is ‘given a voice’ on both the political and media agendas.

But a lack of housing across the country, and a belief among influential economists that the way out of a recession is to ‘build, build, build’ is putting the Government in a difficult position: how to
get the balance right between expanding (or even creating new) urban developments while still protecting green space and leaving ecosystems undisturbed.

It is as interesting a dilemma as it is difficult – a predicament that, to be overcome, requires input and expertise from vastly experienced people who share the Government’s goal. Pump hire

specialists with a proven track record of success in this particular application are rising to the challenge – giving advice and providing services so that landscapes can be changed (for long-term benefits) while ensuring that the delicate balance of habitats and ecosystems is not upset.

More about Natural England

With their aim being to create a better natural environment that covers all of England’s urban, country and coastal landscapes (along with all of the animals, plants and other organisms that live there), Natural England works with people such as farmers, town and country planners, researchers and scientists, and the general public on a range of schemes and initiatives.

Natural England recognises that rivers, lakes, and wetlands (and the wildlife they support) are particularly susceptible to pollution. That is why they are grateful to have the option to utilise
the services of a proven pump hire specialist whenever the need arises – a specialist that can

respond quickly and efficiently in the event of a ‘natural disaster’ (particularly after flooding – an increasingly common occurrence across the country).

Case Studies

Proof that selecting a pump rental specialist with a working knowledge of rural habitats is key to ensuring a successful outcome is exemplified in the following examples:

Example 1: A problem developed at a fishery in Essex where a 1.5-acre lake had a major oxygen problem, resulting in over 600 fish being lost. The pump specialist responded rapidly, mobilising a Venturi system the same afternoon, which was running by 5 o'clock. After installation, oxygen levels increased to the extent that no more fish were lost.

Example 2: A stream was at risk of flooding due to construction taking place on the bridge above it. Despite seeing evidence of otter habitat, the construction company needed to complete their job within deadline and without harming the otters. They called in pump experts for a solution to maintaining the natural level of the stream.

The experts installed a 6” Super Silenced pump, which would maintain the dam level (ensuring the otter burrow was not compromised). By placing the pump on the opposite side of the road, this also ensured minimum noise disturbance to the ecosystem.

Example 3: A construction project, designed to preserve and form wildlife areas, included creating islands, new ponds, ditches, wet grassland and wild flower grasslands that would help to extend the vast range of plants and invertebrates in the wildlife.

During the project a specialist provided pumping equipment to lower the water levels in the area, to allow contractors to build islands and ponds. The client was delighted with the service and quality of equipment – the construction of the islands and ponds, in such an ecologically sensitive area, proved successful.

Handling Unforeseen Problems

If changes are being made to improve an urban environment, in some circumstances adequate consideration of the milieu may not be given, or, depending on weather conditions, perhaps cannot be predicted. For example, locations with water (rivers, streams, ponds, pools, wetlands) can be particularly sensitive to change and have added complications when it comes to construction work.

Local councils and operators of wildlife centres etc. need to work in partnership with a good pump hire company that understands how water can be relocated without interfering with the natural environment. They will have the expertise and the equipment to do this, with ease.

Finally, a pump hire specialist can also put contingency plans in place: should an unforeseen problem occur, their 24/7 back-up service can spring into action, ensuring that the right pump and ancillary equipment is used – whether that be for sludge removal, clean water or larger solids.

Article submitted by Steve Reeve, Sales Director at Andrews Sykes. Andrews Sykes has over 25 years experience providing pump hire to businesses in the construction industry conscious of wildlife environments.

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