How Keratin Benefits Your Hair

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Keratin is a natural substance found in the body that adds adhesion to your hair and nails. Keratin helps your hair grow and keeps it strong. Over time, we naturally lose keratin in our system, leading to thinner and duller hair.

We also do a fair amount of damage to our hair and the keratin that it needs to grow. Colouring, highlighting, permanent waves and relaxers are all chemical components that break down the keratin. Add to that the daily styling arsenal: mousse, gels, hairspray, blow dryers, flat irons and hot rollers. All these products and tools are weapons that destroy the precious keratin and damage our hair.

The natural slowdown in the production of keratin, combined with the products and chemicals we use for styling our hair, plus of-course common pollutants and ultra-violet sun rays, result in dull, damaged hair. Damaged hair is more prone to breakage, splitting, thinning and falling out. Plus, it doesn't look all that great.

However, we can counter the damage we have done to our hair by rebuilding its keratin supply.

Many shampoos, conditioners and deep conditioning treatments now contain keratin that has been extracted from other sources. Using keratin products on your hair will show immediate results, since it revitalizes and strengthens hair rather quickly.

If your hair has been chemically treated with tints, dyes, perms or relaxers, you should start off with a penetrating keratin treatment to replenish your needy hair. You can have this done by the hairstylist, or you can do it yourself at home.

Depending on your daily styling ritual, you may wish to use a keratin shampoo on a daily basis, to keep it strong and growing, or you can apply a keratin treatment every few weeks. Increasing the keratin in your hair will repair the damage already occurring and prevent more damage in the future. It helps reduce split ends, breakage and brittleness.

The best thing about using keratin is how quickly it will bring back the bounce and life in your hair.

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