How I Met Your Mother Season 4, Episode 22 Recap

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This episode turned out to be great, more for seeing Stella back. With Scrubs coming to an end it will be good to have Sarah Chalke making screen presence more on the serial How I Met Your Mother!

This whole episode is divided into 4 main parts nicely knitted together: The main plot having Ted, The subplot pertaining to Robin, The subplot featuring Barney and the subplot with Marshall in the center.

The episode consists of the events that cause Ted to come across Stella at a crosswalk. First, on the news Robin is shown barfing into home-made purses, that is hilarious. He tells Ted that he was food poisoned by Schlagel's Bagel. This influenced Ted so such that he went left on leaving the apartment, in place of right for Schlagel.

The Barney part in the episode has shown Barney, just reaching the landmark of sleeping with women, this being 200th in count. This 200th woman had her picture in "Bro's life" magazine. It came to Robin's notice that someone was listed twice, it was at serial number 138, the entry was repeated. This compelled Barney to give company to this man-like woman in bed who he was introduced to in the gym. This made the woman 200th in the list. Congratulations for Barney! To reach such a milestone is not a joke! Ted stops on his way at a magazine stand to have a closer look at the picture of the person which can be termed as Barney's 200th success in the bed, though accidental. After a look Ted shudders and moved on.

Next part in the episode deals with Marshall's obsession for graph/chart that is so insane. Marshall keeps on adding charts to his collection. Unable to bear more of it, Ted takes control of the matters and litters all the Marshall's charts. However Ted was not aware that these charts of Marshall were so vital that they could have far reaching effect on Marshall's job if the charts were not available with Marshall. So Ted goes to this homeless man to offer one million dollars for the Marshall's charts. But the offer is $1 per day; this leads homeless man to say that it will take 2700 years for one million dollar payment. This brings a comment from homeless person describing Ted as ‘sucker' This being ironic but have got funny way.

The episodes through these events end with Ted coming face to face with Stella and the frame freezes to leave audience with a curiosity - what next? Will Stella help Ted to meet the ‘mother'? One thing is sure Stella is not the mother in question; there is no need to create suspense over Stella being linked with ‘the mother' which is searched on. The next episode will be absorbing taking into account the reaction of Ted on seeing Stella after a period of time once again. This season seems to have lot of promise in the days to come. This season started with Stella, ending with Stella will have fitting response

On Robin's news show, the weather clown brought lots of laughter and that part where Ted was shown moving around hugging everyone that came his way was simply funny.

One of the favorite episodes to date of the current season, this is for sure.

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