How Households Can Make Good Use of Online Faxing

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There are a lot of companies and articles touting the benefits of online faxing, but they seem to focus just on corporate users. Occasionally there will be an article or fax service come-on that cites the benefits for home offices, but the fact is that there are plenty of good home uses of this new, secure communications channel, too.

It should go without saying (but little does anymore) that something that is "affordable and easy" for a home office or small business is also affordable and easy for home use. There are numerous benefits conferred by the use of online faxing services, starting with the fact that online faxing is easier, cheaper, more flexible, more versatile and more secure. Within these categories there are plenty of examples showing how households can make good use of online faxing.

It's easy, so do it
Because it takes just a click of a mouse, you can send and receive documents with next to no effort. With all that is going on in the modern home - moms often working but still in charge of making dinner, kids running to school and then to piano lessons, dads needing errands run while they're at the office, etc., etc. - the last thing you need at home is to feed pages into a machine for faxing. This doesn't even count all the wasted effort with toner, paper, cables and the rest.

32many non-computer tasks while your PC reads your faxes to you. On the "send" side of the equation, it's important to remember that many of the institutions that homes deal with - schools, utility companies, trash service, doctors' offices - are much more likely to want documents mailed or faxed than e-mailed. It makes for much easier relationships to send the school nurse or the power company a fax rather than an e-mail. Perhaps this will change as time goes on, but for now these operations do prefer faxes.

You're always first in line
The flexibility and versatility come into the picture when you consider how faxes are received in most places. While you can set up your home online fax system to send and receive documents in your computer, most companies still keep their faxes and e-mails separate. You never know when your e-mail may be read and responded to, but you've probably seen the fax machine at your favorite Chinese take-out place so you know that when the message prints it's right next to the cash register where it will be seen right away. The same is true whether you're contacting your auto shop or your dry cleaner. You will be seen, you will be taken care of and you will be glad you used an online fax.

Another kind of flexibility comes into play with the account you set up with your online faxing service. Some limited plans are still free, while full-featured, two-way, secure and dependable service plans start at about 15-20 cents a day. With a tiny investment you get a world full of fax machines at the other end of your modem. Everything works through the computer and communications system you already have in place, so there is no additional expense.

Your worldwide connection
Faxes proliferated around the world for years, so there are huge numbers of them. They are used every day in government, schools, hospitals, industry, the hotel trade and everywhere else. When you want your international order to be seen, and you have the choice of an e-mail or fax number at the European company, using your online fax is the better bet. When you want to send your accountants some documents that they can immediately add to the appendix of a report, or as backup in your tax return, you will want them to have printed fax-machine pages in their hands, not an e-mail in their computer.

Whether you are dealing with lawyers, university admissions officers, auto parts suppliers in Japan or a haberdashery on London's Savile Row, the best bet for instant (and instantly usable) communications is to use your online fax. It is just like having a long-distance printer set up at every place you want to reach, and a good way to keep from being just another "digital line entry" in someone's e-mail inbox. There are nearly countless ways to demonstrate how households can make good use of online faxing, but it actually comes down to a few simple things. Faxes are out in the open, they're immediate and they're trustworthy. It's hard to imagine you would need any more reasons than that to use an online fax service!Metro Hi is a leader in fax services solutions for any sized business. Less expensive and more reliable than traditional fax services - you'll enjoy the convenience and well as the cost. Visit today for more information on our small business and corporate fax solutions.

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