How Hard to Crack Smart Phone Market

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Cell phone's development is astonishing. The advent of smart cell phones has refined the definition of phone. The mobile gadgets on our hand is more than phones, MP3/4, text messaging tools, and cameras, they have more advanced computing ability and connectivity. Smart mobile phones just like Personal Pocket Computer with mobile phone functions. It is their computer function and unmatched portability that drive many of us to buy them.

The smart phone competition becomes hotter and hotter. OS, a must have for any smart phone, matters in the battle. At present, there are more and more people like Linux OS. BLACKBERRY is the number one cell phone in America, but has little influence in China. PALM is stable, but WINDOWS MOBILE has already surpassed it. SYMBIAN is the main OS of Nokia cell phones. Based on Linux platform, Android is developed by Google. iPhone OS is mainly used in iPhone.

It is hard to crack smart phone market, even for brand name phone manufacturers. Samsung, although accounts for one-fifth of the global mobile phone market, occupies less than 5 percent of the smart phone segment all over the world. LG has even less market share. Nokia's Symbian system, once made a hit all around the world, now couldn't hold on in the smart mobile phone market. Blackberry cell phones have little influence except in America.

It seems that Apple would be winner in the mobile phone market. According to a study, 89% of respondents in US prefer their next cell phone to be an iPhone. Only 6% of them like to choose BlackBerry while 2% opt for Android OS smart phones.

Nokia and Samsung have already shown their worries about the prosperity about their products, even though they are leading the global market detached with 40% and 20% respectively of mobile phones in use today. The price tag of iPhone is the bottleneck for its sale, but Apple's new generation always could give consumers more wows and surprises. However, if one day, Apple could be as cheap as other mobile phones, how could other brand giants survive? In order to challenge Apple on this front, lowering the prices is far more than enough.

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