How Hair Care is Becoming Increasingly Available to Men

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For years women have been devoted to keeping their hair looking at its best with a variety of styles. A lot of women consider their hair to be their crowning glory and as such want it to really stand out. So they apply a vast array of products and treatments to keep their hair looking at its best. A variety of colours are also popular as women strive to get the perfect look for their hair.

For years this was the case that women devoted time to their hair and men simply tolerated theirs. Well, times certainly seem to have changed as the new generation of men seem to pay more attention to their mane than women do.

Hair Dye

Hair dye seems to be extending beyond what was once a teenage phase for guys to dye their hair a random colour and seems to have become the norm for modern men's hair styles. More and more, men seem to be drifting away from the traditional barber shop and into the salons. The short back and side has been replaced with the specialist trim as modern men try to set themselves apart from the herd. Tinting and frosting are terms that regularly pop up in what was once a haircut and muck of this change is emphesised in how hair dye products now seem to be directed towards both men and women.

Hair Replacement

Hair replacement procedures seem to have come into prominence in the last couple of years as the issue of men going bald seems to have become a nightmare for many when it was once simply a fact of life. With new treatments men can ensure that they aren't destined to perpetual baldness as they desperately strive to hold onto their hair. With the procedures being widely endorced by famous cricketers it seems that there must be a lot of men opting in for the treatment.


The most obvious area where men seem to have caught up with the women is in hair care products. More men are opting in to the variety of shampoos and even conditioners beyond simply shampoo for ‘normal hair'. Aussie hair products have become increasingly popular. Hair style products come in great ranges from VO5 to fudge hair products allowing men to style like never before.

With such a range of hair care methods it's clear that men are devoting more time to their hari than ever before. Next stop, a manicure.

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