How Good Are Ab Machines As Seen on TV Informercials?

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With TV in every home, everything nowadays is sold through advertisement. Everything also includes fitness equipments amongst which ab machines are the most touted ones. The TV informercials paint such a rosy picture of these machines that one gets confused because all the equipments that are being advertised can't be that good.

It is true that whatever you see in these TV informercials are not what it seems or what is claimed. First of all you will find the people smiling and not sweating in the ads when they are demonstrating the equipment. In real time this is not so; can you imagine yourself smiling like that when you are straining hard to do the workout.

Secondly, you will notice that models that are promoting the ab machines are all with well toned body with bulging abs. Do you really believe that you are going to get that kind of body by just working on the machine for a few days? That is absolutely impossible. These models are professional bodybuilders and have got that kind of body after working for years. You will not be able to reach that kind of level even if you try very hard, unless you decide to become a professional bodybuilder.

These informercials on TV are made in such a way that people get engrossed in those beautiful sculptured body and fail to notice the small prints that flashes by. If you keep your eyes open you will see some small prints flying by saying something like "These results are subject to regular use of the machine with healthy diet". This means you have to approach your workouts in a professional manner with help from expert trainers and dietician.

In short, the basic fact that you need to keep in mind is that there is no short-cut to getting the ab you desire. The ab machines are going to help you, but in reality you have to sweat it out to get a flat ab. Welcome to the world of reality.
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