How Event Size Affects The AV Equipment Selection

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It is only logical that the bigger the event, the greater the amount of equipment is needed. Some corporate conferences can have hundreds of delegates attending, with a cast of speakers and technical features that would make Hollywood gasp in awe. But the majority are more modest affairs, requiring a smaller array of av equipment to get the speakers heard and the message seen in as effectively and affordably as possible.

But that does not mean to say that the cheaper options are utilised. With the growth of event management services as part of the stable of services provided by the leading av hire companies today, there is little doubt that the small and medium sized conferences put less of a strain on resources. But even standard event technology is as high tech as is available, with online video conferencing, visual displays, sound quality and lighting sequences matching the standards and quality of service demanded by the hosts of mega events.

The principal role of any av company is to cater to the audio visual needs of the event, but the specific type of event will dictate which items of equipment are needed. For company award ceremonies and celebrations, the equipment needed may extend to a modest lighting and sound system, and cameras with which to record proceedings, including the post awards dinner where the executive heirarchy is temporarily suspended amid to the joys of impromptu line dancing.

For the major corporate event, however, it is likely that a significant stage lighting system will be required, with a central lectern on an illuminated stage, at which the speakers will stand to deliver their speeches. Often, this stage has images, like the company logo or topical graphics, projected onto a giant screen as a background. However, increasingly, these screens are being replaced by large sets of plasma screens that can display one or several images far more clearly than the projection can.

Large events, such as annual conferences, may also need to hear from delegates who cannot attend, but through video conferencing technology these delegates can make a contribution and even fully interact with colleagues in conference discussions. This type of service can be accommodated with specific hardware from video conferencing firms. This hardware can be installed and connected to the plasma screens, allowing speakers to address a conference auditorium from the other side of the world.

The array of equipment is vast, but the planning stage of any event provides the time to ascertain the specific items required. With av providers now increasingly offering services in event management, this means a clearer idea than can sometimes come with a independent management company.

Full event management for large events requires a wide variety of services, from booking delegates to handling budgetary demands and even ensuring that discussions are recorded. However, there are even more areas where an event manager can become involved, if so requested by the host corporation. These can include session management, sponsorship management and post event evaluations.

Because of the sheer costs involved in holding a corporate event of large magnitude, it is not unusual for sponsors to be sought. Securing sponsorship and ensuring the terms of the sponsorship agreement are catered for, can divert resources away from the primary concerns of the corporation. A sponsor, for example, may wish to have an exhibit at the event, which could require the construction of a small stage or podium, display stands, lighting, video and even some level of security. Allowing the event managers to take control of this too frees these resources up.

Post event evaluations can provide accurate and detailed information to the host corporation on how successful the event was, and what the reaction is to issues debated or resolved over the period of the conference. However, to compile such information requires questionnaires to be distributed, gathered and examined. Once this information is collected, then it can be evaluated, with a statistician often used to present the findings in a more clinical manner.

The event technology necessary can be extensive or modest, but a reputable av company will never cut corners with quality. They ensure that every item of av equipment is in perfect working order, that its technology is up to date and that it provides the solution most needed to a firm of any size. With the fact that full event management services are also available, leading av hire companies are now providing quality in every aspect of a corporate event.

Kathryn Dawson writes articles for Piranha, a company focusing in audio visual solutions and services, providing quality av equipment for special events and occasions using the very latest event technology. Piranha have developed a real instinct for live events and event management, so you can be assured that they’ll always be one step ahead, helping you to look good, from start to finish. Find more about Piranha’s pioneering event management services today.

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