How Enchanting! - The Celtic Wedding Gown

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Time are of course changing, and manufacturers are now realising that women are not prepared to change their views on style just because they are pregnant, nor are they prepared to compromise on their wedding gown because of their beautiful bump.

Stylish brides to be (and mums to be) are now demanding more choice and specific maternity wedding dresses that are fitted to flatter the pregnant form, with a good selection of styles, colours and fabrics.

Haute couture wedding gowns are a high point for brides. The wedding gown is one element of a wedding that entails the most planning and preparation. Haute couture gowns are simply more expensive as they are made to order and designed for every bride. Brides often like to see a collection of past gowns made by a designer. This collection serves as a very effective marketing medium for a wedding gown designer. When marketing budget is limited, particularly for a start-up or a home-based designer, the use of simple print materials are both affordable and very useful. One example of effective printed material is the use of catalogs. Below are ideas on how to use catalogs for haute couture wedding gowns.

Always select dresses wherein the bride can look elegantly beautiful at the same time comfortable. They should be able to breath in with the clothes that they choose. On top of that, their gowns should stand out, as she will be the main attraction of the wedding. Their gowns or dresses are typically in white but can have traces of bead works or colors depending on the preference of the bride.

Colored wedding gowns can create an impressive wedding. People habitually forget the more traditional wedding gowns which are white or ecru or any other version of cream but the colored wedding gowns are truly unique and may cause quite a commotion. More often than not, the colored wedding gowns harmonize with the color motif.

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