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Rechargers who have known as aftermarket toner cartridges laid the steps for industry’s pioneers to take the advantage and drilled holes in cartridge market by replacing them with toners. No doubt they successfully replaced the cartridges but sub-standards created a bad blotch in the industry hence damaged the reputation. This became the main reason that companies started producing raw material having the potency to rebuild the cartridges. By having the look on industry patterns new sellers of market approached new selling techniques and started reselling cartridges accompanied with technical support, needed for smooth use.
Emergence of aftermarket toner sector in late 80’s accredited high prices in the market of toner. This affected most of the consumer’s budget. Toners cartridges of different types made it so difficult for a normal user to purchase a toner e.g. the laser toners exceeded the price of printers and consumers’ demand shifted to low priced, low quality alternatives. Economy of toner cartridges market faced these issues and laid bad impact in this industry with high priced blotch against launched products. Consumers’ demand in reaction to high priced products adversely affected and they started restoring their printers so that purchase of expensive toners can be avoided.

Remanufacturers in this market caught a boom in their productions with new developments among most of the consumers. With a great inspection on toner cartridges quality remanufacturers worked on raw materials, sorting printer cartridges and recycling material. These efforts put in by these companies helped in increasing this industry’s reputation in a great manner and reestablished the doors of sales widely. Market share also rose with this helping to build new market of potential buyers. In actual figures reported through different published reports that aftermarket of toner cartridges industry accounted for about 25-30% of market. Keeping these figures aside observers of industry noted a significant factor that aftermarket color quality is very low, this further attributed to remanufacturer’s ability to throw such products in market which are equipped with technical expertise.
Some OEM manufacturers started making policies to stop remanufacturer from making market stagnant. The policy stated like, “Use of aftermarket toner cartridges will void printer’s warranty”. This scheme was introduced to keep an eye on use of real manufacturers’ ink use and legislation was enacted so that product warranty can be more enforced on users. Despite all these advancements in processes and procedure to keep market alive and lucrative there were enough environmental issues it had to face.

Oil consumption for Toner Cartridges increased dramatically burning more than 2 quarts of oil each cartridge, this has increased in North America as well burning more the 150 million liters of oil. Numbers of Toner Cartridge companies throw away empty cartridges in plain landfills by neglecting corporate social responsibility acts. This increased in pollution in environment. To avoid these damages some companies have started the recycling process so the environmental damages can be avoided. There are some sellers who have taken initiative of encouraging their customers to have their toner cartridges clean after use. Through this contribution towards environmental protection will help to increase production of environmental friendly toners.
Printer is always an essential part in life of any individual, office or a big organization therefore the use of high quality toners is compulsory. Number of remanufactured toners cartridge sellers claim that the product they offer to end user is indeed comparable to OEM cartridges. This false dilemma has been approved wrong with the end user comments stating that, “aftermarket toner cartridges produce low quality and substandard printouts, affecting printer market substantially.” These findings from market leave a potential customer confused for their buying behavior.

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