How Do Tummy Tucks Work and Are They Right for You?

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This procedure removes excess fat and skin, and in most cases restores weakened or separated muscles to make a less protruding abdominal profile. The procedure is a strictly cosmetic one, and one should only consider undergoing it as a personal decision that will make you a happier and more confident individual.

The customer who is usually shopping for a procedure like the tummy tuck or one that is similar is usually one who had undergone a significant weight fluctuation due to weight loss or pregnancy. This is because it is not always simply fat that is being removed with this procedure. For the majority of cases, this is left over skin that did not contract after a significant amount of weight was lost. People who undergo the tummy tuck complain that after bouts of exercise and diet, the fat is gone but the extra skin remains. Many feel that due to this fact, surgery is their only option. Therefore be aware that tummy tucks are not a substitute for an adequate diet regimen or a strict exercise program. In addition to pregnancy or large weight gain, the protruding skin and fat underneath the belly button that is removed with the abdominoplasty could come from prior surgery, aging, or heriditary factors.

Therefore let's review some of the general factors that will give you a good idea or not as to whether or not this is "right for you". Firstly, a significant factor to incorporate into your decision is future weight gain, specifically child birth. If there is another pregnancy within your realm of possibilities, it is highly recommended to wait until after your last pregnancy to undergo the procedure. The positive outcome from abdominoplasties are greatly diminished with significant fluctuations in weight. The next factor to take into consideration is that doctors only consider patients who are in good, physical condition and at a stable weight to be proper candidates for the surgery. It is worthy enough to be repeated that this surgery is not simply to be thought of as a weight loss miracle. And yes, included within good physical health means that you are a non smoker. This allows for your body to undergo the stress that will be placed on it throughout the surgery. Lastly, the ideal candidate must have realistic expectations. The benefit people look for and the majority of time get is a much improved profile of their stomach. Unfortunately, the procedure does not have any significant effect on stretch marks, and it will leave a minor scar. Regarding this scar, let's dig a little further in understanding how to benefit from a skin care cream designed for scar tissue removal.

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