How Do Parents Teach Children to Spend Money?

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Children spend money recklessly, and often buy back some unpractical gadgets, then throw them in a few days. This is deeply headache thing for a lot of parents. In this issue, to develop the children’s responsibility is the key that is to let the children manage their own pocket money. Foreign scholars will reduce them to five “w”, and suggest how to follow the five “w” in action.

Why -- why to buy? If a child can’t say a reason, parents must try to limit and, when necessary, give punishment. But punishment here is not to reprimand or scold, but to reduce the amount of money. Most children will worry their money, you so might try. Note that the parents’ attitude must be consistent, otherwise your efforts will be wasted.

What – what to buy? Because the child’s younger, parents should limit their goods scope, what can buy, what cannot buy.

When - what time to buy? That should be addressed to the children, according to the importance of shopping to arrange activity. Even if they are weekend cram classes, we also cannot delay the class because of shopping. If children need to go shopping, they also need to wait until parents have free time, parents should let the children know that not everything gives priority to children, and let the child learn to wait.

Where - where to buy? Generally speaking, debilitating small items such as pencils, exercise books, sticker etc may go to small market to buy. For children, there are no differences between famous brand goods and ordinary commodities, so the children should not compare with each other.

Who - what people to buy? Parents should tell children, because they are young, they cannot go shopping far from home, preferably by parents or other familiar adults accompanied to go. Of course, if the stores, supermarkets are around the home, parents can let the children do it themselves. In addition, how much pin money do parents give the children, how often do parents give children money, how to punish about violating principles, which should be made clear to the children ahead of time. If a child can learn to keep accounts and make records of expenditure in detail, and properly spend money, parents should also consider giving rewards.

Teaching your child to govern money is not simply to learn to consume, but also to help resolve the confusion in growing. Through such communication and discussion, we hope to cultivate children’s money consciousness, strengthen the sense of responsibility, and thus form the good consumption habits.

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