How do I choose a Business Telecoms Provider

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With more than 170 licensed phone companies in the UK and an industry that is constantly changing and developing new technologies, how do you choose a phone company for your businesses needs which provides suitable levels of service at the right price for your company. For many years we have got used to online comparison companies but they don't help businesses choose the right telecom provider but why? Well.... the short answer is that they don't want to get involved with what they see as a bidding war for business because if they did then this would drive down price as it would give clear indication of who was cheapest! However is there reluctance a bad thing? if you are buying insurance or getting a mortgage then what are the differences other than the price? where as if you are choose a telecom provider that is going to look after what is undoubtedly the life blood of your business then who wants to go with the cheapest because when the cheapest can't afford to provide the customer services when things go wrong it will cost you more money than you have saved! All this doesn't mean their is no place for a telecoms comparison company as long as they stay independent and champion the customer instead of the phone company and be completely honest about who gives the best customer service, where customer service is based i.e Asia, UK, Eastern Europe, India, USA and please don't be under any illusions they can base these call centres anywhere these days! So we have discussed price and we have discussed customer service what else is there to consider? how's about 'what technology do I use?' its a mine field the telecoms industry and its full of jargon most hardware providers will baffle you with all this until you submit and sign their order form for what they want to sell you, so this is another reason why a UK telecoms comparison company is most definitely needed. So have I found one? YES!! a site has set up called it is UK based run by ex BT people that understand the technology, the industry and how a businesses need to communicate. They can give you quotes from multiple landline providers like BT, Chess Telecom, Daisy Telecom, OneBill Telecom, Utility Warehouse, Gamma Telecom and Opal, or mobile quotes from Vodaphone, 02, T-Mobile or Orange and if your business needs to replace a phone system or buy its 1st one then they will act as a broker between you and a network of national hardware installers who sell systems from manufactures like Nortel, Panasonic, Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent and all of this is under one roof and they will even visit you face 2 face. So in summary my advise is never go for the cheapest unless you really have to, and use this new site to do your shopping for you, choose an independent instead of another salesman with his own products to sell you whether you want, need or like them.

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