How Digital Image Manipulation Can Create Stunning Album Covers

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There are times that you need to use your photos for more than just personal enjoyment. If you are a performing artist and have recorded a demo CD, you may want to use photos that are in your collection to create album covers. A well designed photo can create interest, and get your CD noticed by the proper people. It can draw them in so they are more likely to listen to your demo.

It can be quite expensive to have professional portraits taken for album covers, and it is an unnecessary expense, especially when you already possess photos that would fit your needs quite well.

When done properly, a photo can help create a mood or feeling that reflects who you are and what you do as an artist. The photos can be quiet and reflective, or they can be more energetic and convey a feeling of energy and excitement. The mood that it creates is entirely up to you.

The photos you choose do not necessarily need to be portraits, any photos that convey the mood you want could be used. If the photo you want to use is damaged or dicoloured, photo restoration could bring the image back to its original condition. Creases and tears, as well as stains, discolourations, and even ink marks can be eliminated from the finished picture,

Digital technology allows you to be as creative and artistic as you want to be with your photos. You can create collages, or special effects that capture the viewer's attention. You could convert older photos from black and white to color, or convert newer photos to black and white.

As you go through your photo collection, look at the photos to see what images could be combined to create a new theme, or what image enhancements could create the mood you want for your album cover. If you do not like the background of a photo, you can have it digitally removed. The remaining image could then be placed on a different background. This could be a plain or scenic background, or it could be another photo that is in your photo collection. With modern technology anything from a simple photo touch up to an advanced image enhancement is totally possible.

Album covers should be a reflection of the type of performer you are. They should give the viewer an idea of what to expect when they listen to your demo. More importantly, they should create enough interest in you that the person receiving the demo is curious enough to listen to your performance. Look through your photographs and let your imagination lead you to create the perfect cover for your album.

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