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Life has a very discouraging way of saying sorry. Sorry about the manipulation humans have done and are doing with nature and themselves as well. It translates its sorry feeling by disasters. Events as unforgettable as profanity can be are symbolic of them. For instance, the hue and cry few fanatics make on issues like language. Sounds of disagreement can be seen lobbying against it. Hindi tops this list. Hindi even after being regarded very much accommodating can raise brows. Hindi news is kind of made irrelevant in non-Hindi states. It is only limited to acceptability when something like utter Pradesh news in Hindi or Punjab news in Hindi makes appearance. World is getting so broad in mindset that we are breaking physical national boundaries in virtual world, yet negating the cause in real one by drawing lines of language.

Hindi is most loved language of Indians as a whole. Other languages are limited to states they are originated so they get limited affection. Hindi, originated from Devnagiri manuscript, is very much influential in its reach. Obviously we are not comparing it with English here but with other state languages. Hindi news thus ought to invoke unexpected reactions from people who are privy to this language. Bad news looks very bad and good looks better. It happens only when language has that far-reaching effect. We might know other language but sharing same emotion gets difficult. That makes every thing look painted in one color.

Uttar Pradesh is one of the Hindi speaking states. Uttar Pradesh news in Hindi is absolutely very much welcoming. This gets specific especially to the citizens of this state who get stuck with English. They may be not from the language altogether but from alien emotions that come with it. Then there is Punjab News in Hindi. It is not as serious in this particular case. This is because they have their own state language to flaunt. Still, Hindi remains the hyped word and language, as it happens to be.

Hindi, Hindi and Hindi all over, it sometime feels that we exaggerate the agenda even more when we bring it to forum for discussion and scrutiny. We do more bad than good by trying to gain awareness and acknowledgement. Hindi news then Uttar Pradesh news in Hindi and then Punjab News in Hindi gets highly discouraging. This strengthens the feeling of boredom when talked in length. One can only wish for expected mutual understanding to let all the dissimilarities coexist.

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