How can I pamper myself during my stay in the hotel?

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Unlike most companies who provide hospitality as a service, we choose to differ. We give you the liberty to be in a space of your own. To make things work for you. You heard it right. You can actually make things work for you. Check out how.
BuildTrack's Hotel Automation is designed to work on both a Remote Control and a Smart App:
Remotes for Room Control: BuildTrack provides remotes to be used in hotel rooms, to control the functioning of devices such as lights, fans, air-conditioners and curtains. Now you need not get up to find access to the switch, to turn On/Off the devices, just press the desired key on the remote for controlling the devices. The opening and closing of window curtains and blinds is also possible with the remote.
Smart App Based Room Control: For hotels willing to offer more, occupants are provided with an iPad or Android based tablets to control various devices in the room.
Room Service & Concierge Services: Forget the days when you would pick up the phone, dial a number and ask for any service. Now, with the help of the Smart App, you can avail for any service remotely. This is particularly helpful when you are outside your hotel room and want someone to Ďmakeup' the room. In such cases, you can just put up a request via the Smart App and the staff would do the needful.

Safety Monitoring: Smoke sensors placed in every room are monitored for efficient working, to ensure safety of the occupants.
Facility Management System: This is a complete service and asset management system which provides centralized control over various assets. Electrical assets such as generators, pumps or common area lighting can be monitored and controlled centrally with this system. It also serves as a Help Desk and Maintenance Management System which is used to address tasks and asset performance for ensuring proper functioning of the facility.

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