How can choose the wine perfectly matching with Italy pasta

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If asked what is the world's most popular food made from flour, pasta is then fully deserved the most popular. A lot of people like the taste of Italy pasta at the same time drink a cup of wine, but do not know how to choose, then in the taste of delicious pasta with how the wine can make food taste better, and also taste the appropriate wine?

If you want to select a suitable wine for pasta, it is necessary to consider the acidity of the wine, fruity and intense degree. Because pasta often is added into tomato sauce, so, wine must have sufficient acidity to match with paste. In addition, wine with pasta had better be the best medium bodied. If the wine is too light, the taste will be covered by food. If the wine body is overweight, the flavor of the food will be drowned. If you don't know what kind of wine is matched with wine, then the following 8 kinds of wine can be your best choice.

1, Chianti
Chianti wine is the most classic table wine of pasta. Chianti wine usually gives people the feeling of amiable and easy of approach, so it becomes the favor of a lot of wine lovers. In addition, the crisp flavor and integration with the variety of food are a more important factor to attract the fans. Chianti becomes pasta classic wines, because it is particularly good in prominent tomato sauce flavor. Attention is required. Only the traditional style Chianti is the perfect match for Italian pasta, and modern style of Chianti because of smooth and oak slightly heavier, therefore not suitable for matching with tomato sauce.

2, Montepulciano
Montepulciano wine is from the Abruzzo region of Italy. Generally speaking, this type of dry wine is usually with prominent fruits, and herbs taste flavor, suitable for drinking in its youth. This wine is rich fruit flavors with the mix of oregano spices pasta with perfect form.

3, Barbera
Barbera is a kind of obvious acidity Italian red wine. This wine has a soft texture, suitable to mix with concentrated juice like tomato sauce. While this kind of wine body is light, usually have good depth. In fact, this wine and meat and beef and other food can also be very good collocation.

4, Zinfandel
Unless it is a special kind of fine wine, almost all the prominent red wine is very fruity with tomato sauce. Zinfandel is the heavier fruit red wine. An outstanding spice and full-bodied Zinfandel wine can be the perfect way to spice flavor pasta meal.

5, Nero D'Avola
Nero D'Avola wine generally tastes more smooth, and spices flavor is heavy. Sicily Nero D'Avola wine usually forms good matching with stew longer pasta. In addition, the sweetness of the wine can also bring out the flavor of tomato sauce.

6, Nebbiolo
Nebbiolo is one of the grape producing areas of Piedmont in Italy, the same name wine that brewed with it is famous for the rich in tannins and spice. This wine is soft tannins and light subtle oak, so it is very suitable for pasta dishes.

7, Aglianico
Aglianico is a kind of Campania wine similar with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cotes Du Rhone wine. The general structure of clear wine, full-bodied, with rich flavor, collocation and mutton is also good.

8, Pinot Noir
The same with Zinfandel, Pinot Noir wine is also suitable for collocation with Italian pasta. However, only enough rich Pinot Noir wine is suitable for this match. California Pinot Noir is a good choice. This light sweet wine can increase the tomato sauce flavor. Remember, if you eat pasta with a lot of curry, then, even the most intense Pinot Noir is also very difficult to withstand.

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