How Can Acne Discoloration Be Remedied?

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How Is Acne Scarring Defined?

The body's natural reaction to the inflammation in the skin that is caused by acne results in acne scarring. Throughout the inflammatory process when the skin tissue becomes destroyed in the body's attempt to heal itself, a reaction termed fibrosis happens. During fibrosis, if the texture of the skin thickens, hypertrophic scars will appear. If during fibrosis the texture of the skin becomes more thin, atrophic scars will form.

Acne Discoloration

Then there exists the dark spots that surround the acne lesion. These are produced with a similar phenomenon. The redness of the skin is caused by the acne inflammation. It usually begins while the acne lesion is still active. The unfortunate result is that the discoloration of the skin stays visible after the acne related ailment has subsided and been eliminated. In this case the redness persists for much longer than the original acne related skin ailment.

Going beyond red discoloration, there is the production of the pigment molecule called melanin (a pigment that occurs naturally in the body) during the inflammation will ultimately lead to what is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This is where the red coloring turns more to a black or brown spot that is located where an acne pimple used to be. This discoloration may be visible for weeks and even months. People most at risk for this type of discoloration are those who tan easily or have darker skin tones. While the discoloration may persist uncomfortably visible for an extended period of time, it is removable with the right kind of treatment.

Possible Remedies

First there is the use of sunscreen. Provided it is labeled noncomedogenic by which it will not clog skin pores, research has shown that daily application of a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more will resolve the spots more quickly. Repeated sun exposure is to be avoided as it prolongs the treatment time.

A topical skin-lightening product that can be bought over the counter can treat these spots. Your dermatologist can prescribe a stronger version of this kind of product if desired. When this skin care cream is combined with cosmetic enhancements such as makeup, it can be quite effective in hiding the extent of the discoloration.

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