How Can a Theme Take Your Event to the Next Level

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If it's your job to make the production arrangements for your next event then you need to know about the latest trends and what they can do for you. I'm referring to themes of course, but for far too many people it stops there. They simply don't know how to do it.

Now try to understand that we all of course know what themes are. They're a colourful story-lined accent that any event can be based around. What we all don't know though is how far the most popular concepts have been taken, and how much today’s guest has grown to expect.

It's the level of technology that has been the impetus for a lot of the change in today’s more successful themed events, and the first thing to point to is lighting. Now to the novice, new high tech lighting features may not seem that important in the initial concept phase. That is until they see them applied by a true professional.

The value of lighting effects to your themed event simply can't be underestimated. It's just that important and until you see for yourself what they can do to kick up the “wow factor” of your theme. It's highly recommended that you at least view an online demonstration before you decide.

Another aspect worth looking into is three dimensional special effects, and by that I mean things that you can actually reach out and touch. Just try to imagine a carnival if you will, if everything there was flat and pasted on a wall, or hung from string. Not a good concept.

So for instance if your theme were to be Carnival you'll definitely need actual sculpture of traditional classic Carnival figures worked into your scheme. It kicks up the element of realism, brings the fantasy level up to whole new heights for your guests, and makes it a far more memorable evening.

A premium quality professional sound system is just so important now, unless that is you won't be featuring any type of music which would be a huge mistake. People in general today just tend to have higher standards when it comes to amplified music, so a patched together home spun system just won't cut it.

Then there's the bar and food arrangements that your theme simply must carry over to and if you don’t know what you're doing, you can end up with problems. For instance, the food not only has to fit the occasion perfectly but it also has to be fresh and taste great, so make sure that you work with a caterer who has previous experience with themed events.

In the end though when selecting your theme, try to stick with proven classics as it's just too easy to drift away from them. There's a bunch of them that are proven popular and the nice thing about going with a popular theme is that you won't have near the trouble rounding up all the props that you'll need to pull it off.

Author writes for Freestyle Design and Fabrications, a company who specialise in the creation of themed events, Themed Events UK. Visit the site for more details.

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