How Can a Diet Coach Help You Lose Weight and Transform Your Life

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All too often, the benefit of a diet coach is highly minimized. One may think to him/her self, “I know the foods that are good and bad for me; I don’t need somebody else telling me how to eat.” While this statement may be somewhat true, there may be additional performance details in certain foods or food groups which remain a mystery to those who have not studied them in detail. Moreover, knowledge alone has proven to be an insufficient tool in preventing obesity or aiding in weight loss.

How many times have you started a diet plan with all good intentions only to have returned to your old eating habits within a week or so? Probably more times than you’d like to admit – as have many other people. In those cases was knowledge enough to keep you going? Hardly. So what was missing and is there anything you could have done differently to help you stay on track? Surely, there are many things; and that’s where a diet coach comes in. Here are a few ways in which one can help you finally lose weight.

Making a Plan

One of the top reasons for diet/weight loss failure is attributed to not having short-term and long-term goals in place. Setting and reaching goals is an important step to any mission – including weight loss. When we decide to tackle a diet on our own, we generally invest in certain ingredients recommended by this diet and stop there. We don’t plan meals, we don’t create battle plans for combating a sweet tooth or even consider healthy alternative snacking foods, and we sometimes think that dieting alone with no exercise will help shed pounds.

An experienced diet coach will help you set attainable goals in your life and will work with you on creating a battle plan for staying true to your diet and established workout routine.

In many cases, a diet coach is someone that has been overweight themselves and can fully understand the magnitude of your weight loss struggle. Sometimes knowing that the person that is coaching you has experienced the same problems and obstacles that you currently face can be a real motivating factor. They become living proof that the weight loss results you seek can be achieved and more importantly, they are in the best position to monitor your progress.

Deeper Education

Were you aware that there are many different types of carbohydrates? It’s true, and not all of them are bad for you. Did you realize that every fruit and vegetable has its own set of pros and cons for the body and some could actually inhibit weight loss? There are different foods of all types which can encourage or impede efforts to shed pounds, and a diet coach is well-versed in these facts and can help you plan a highly effective diet to help you healthily lose weight.

More Solid Commitment

It’s human nature to ‘care’ what other people think about us, and this is a great motivating factor when it comes to diet and exercise. When we decide to go on a diet and keep our goals a secret we are at no risk of failing. If nobody knows we’ve decided to try to accomplish something nobody will be any less the wiser when we fail. When we seek help through friends or a diet coach, however, we have now made another person aware of our desire to lose weight; and we are much more likely to take the steps in the plan we design with our diet coach.

Tom Bradley is known as the easy diet coach and has personally coached hundreds of people and successfully helped them with their dieting and weight loss struggles.

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