How Business Voip Is Environmentally Friendly

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Companies these days are expected to be environmentally friendly. Using a VoIP solution for all types of internal and external communication can make a huge difference in the environmental friendliness of a business.

VoIP allows all communication from webcam meetings to conference calls and fax needs to be easily combined under one umbrella. This saves resources by enabling one avenue to be used for all communication needs.

1. VoIP can reduce the waste of fax and copy paper.

2. VoIP can cut down on carbon emissions by allowing workers to telecommute. Every employee who limits their travel reduces on their carbon footprint.

3. VoIP eliminates quickly outdated telephone systems lowering the amount of landfill waste. This means less environmentally unfriendly substances are introduced into the environment.

4. VoIP provides a converged voice and data network which is environmentally sound and allows enables various undertakings carried out at the same time from many different locations.

5. VoIP delivers a dependable, environmentally sound way to make telephone communication on a national or international basis easy without the requirement of traditional methods.

6. VoIP doesn't utilize miles of expensive wiring containing toxic material to be used which leave traces of hazardous chemicals in the ground.

Using VoIP allows businesses to present an 'green oriented face to the public. By using the power of green solutions, these companies force others in their field to copy their policies. The results in a planet with less environmental concerns and everyone reaps the rewards.

Also, small businesses can implement outsourced VoIP services to cut down even more on used resources such as cooling and heating needs required by additional office space

According to a report published by the Texas Transportation Institute commuters spend the equivalent of a 40 hour work week annually stuck in traffic. The corresponding amount of carbon emissions could be eliminated simply by allowing workers to telecommute.

If you add up the helpful results of using business related VoIP services, including paper saved by using bulletin boards, lowered emission levels resulting from telecommuting and reduced power consumed due to virtual offices, there is a noticeable positive impact on the planet.

All of these reasons should motivate company managers to take a good hard look at their views on going green. Start using VoIP for your small business today and go a little greener!

Leo Roberts writes on topics such as Business VoIP and Hosted PBX.

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