How Body Wrapping Can Reduce Your Weight

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You might be wondering how California girls maintain their beautiful and slender body. Well, the secret is body wraps. Many women today have found out a better and safer way to lose weight and flaunt that sexy body shape they have.

Body wrap is an emerging spa treatment offered to women for several purposes: to relax body muscles, to moisturize and rehydrate skin cells, and of course to lose weight and reshape body figure. The basic principle of body wraps is covering you in body wraps to gain therapeutic effects. In the current times, body wrap trends use seaweeds, aloe vera, chocolates and herbals as constituents of the procedure.

Body wraps are said to work in two stages: absorbing and squeezing. Absorption works by opening skin pores and extracting fluids while squeezing works by extracting fluids from the compressed tissues. The effectiveness of the procedure greatly depends on the materials used.

In San Jose’s Bay Area, body wraps materials often used are clay and salt. According to therapists, the success of the procedure does not depend on the amount of ingredients applied. It depends, however, on the frequent application of the treatment.

There are two common types of body wraps offered by many Bay Area body wrap spas – water loss body wrap and weight loss body wrap. The common factor of the two types is that it allows you to lose inches. Weight loss body wraps work by removing toxins from your lymphatic system. This enables you to lose inches by removing body pollutants. Water loss body wraps, on the other hand, works by removing an amount of water in your body. This type may be the same with excessive sweating during exercise. It is important that you rehydrate yourself after this treatment.

Moreover, therapists in Bay Area body wrap spas suggest that the treatment should be accompanied with proper diet and exercise as it balances the efficiency of inch loss procedures. Also, when opting for the procedure, always make sure that the treatment is not formulated for water weight. Engaging in the treatment also requires that you avoid fatty food, sugar, caffeine and soft drinks for a span of 48 hours.

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