How are Photo Blankets Made?

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Personalized blankets, including photo blankets, are a great way to warm the heart of any gift recipient. They can easily turn into a family heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation. In recent years, the advances in computer graphics and available technology combined with new technology available to the weaving community made it possible to weave photographs into tapestries, pillows, blankets and tote bags. The options available to preserve your family memories are almost endless.
Around ten years ago, one small company in particular had a graphic artist who began using cartoonish outlines of people to make sports blankets. One day, while selling these blankets, a customer asked if the person in the outline could be made to look more like her child. The artist looked into it and found it was possible to do this and more. Soon the manufacturer began to experiment with photographs and discovered a new world of possibilities. More experimentation ensued and many manufacturers soon jumped on the bandwagon and the personalized woven photo product market exploded on the scene.

Personalized and collage blankets can be customized to fit anyone's needs. They are functional reminders of those things and people near and dear to your heart. From favorite family photos to baby pictures, to treasured mementoes of a beloved pet, from bridal portraits to vacation memories, woven photo products make great keepsakes and wonderful gifts. Below are a few steps you can expect the experts to follow and a few tips to keep in mind when submitting your content.
1. Pick the size of photo blanket that you would like, or if you are having a hard time choosing just one a photo, most companies offer a collage blanket
2. Keep in mind, the better the photo, the better the finished product will be.
• COMPOSITION: main subject should be 50-80% of the photo
• COLOR: A colorful photo will make for a more beautiful woven blanket
• DO NOT ALTER THE PHOTO, EDIT OR ENHANCE. Most manufacturers prefer that you give instructions on what you'd like done.
• FOCUS: a blurry picture will result in a blurry blanket

• DO NOT CROP! If the photo needs to be cropped, give instructions on how you'd like that done
• CONTRAST: a higher contrast is better, and the subject should be distinct from the background
• DIGITAL PHOTO: Higher resolution, large photos, are best. Plan to use one that is 600 kb or larger, or at least 1000 px by 1000 px.
• SCANNED PHOTOS: Scan the photo in at a high resolution(at least 200 dpi) and use at least a 4x6in photo
• BY MAIL: send at least a 4x6 if possible, 8x10 is preferable. Your photo may or may not be returned to you - check with the manufacturer first
• BLACK & WHITE: with a black and white photo, you'll get a black and white product, however there will be hints of color, since the blankets are woven as tapestries
3. Skilled Graphic Artists take the time to match the colors in the photo to the colors of yarn that are available. Computerized Jacquard looms are operated with skill and precision by seasoned weavers
4. Blankets pass through quality control and are washed and dried and packaged for shipping
5. WHEN YOUR BLANKET ARRIVES: Check thoroughly, then enjoy!
6. Take good care of your blanket. Most jacquard woven photo blankets are fade resistant and machine washable. Check the care label or contact the manufacturer.
Personalized Blankets are keepsakes that can last a lifetime. They allow one to keep cherished memories alive and enjoy in everyday use. The memories that they can spark are priceless and they make great conversation pieces. If you remember to take good care of your blanket, you can always cherish those amazing memories when you curl up to read a good book.

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