How An Innovative E Journal Expands On Traditional Tribute Journal Components

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Innovative on-line tools that streamline the fundraising process and engage interested supporters to donate to their favorite causes are helping organizations to maximize their fundraising potential. has become a market leader in this industry by merging the latest technological tools with expert marketing techniques through their e-journal solution and in the process, revolutionizing the methods through which organizations communicate with their support infrastructure for an optimized approach to event management.

Established in 2002, is the pioneer behind the electronic tribute journal concept. The company has built its reputation as a leader within the growing field based on a foundation of constant innovation; the e-journal will be the cornerstone of an organization's fundraising success for years to come. offers every tool an organization requires to ensure that their event receives great online exposure and attracts a high number of top-level sponsors to their events.

Amongst the many benefits offered to organizations in having their very own dedicated e-journal is the ability to communicate and work directly with event supporters through the online system which facilitates both the fast processing of advertisement submissions and the placement of advertisements on the site so that sponsors can attract attention by way of supporting the event. Advertisements placed on the site stay there throughout the year to offering an unmitigated level of value in working directly with the organization.

The e-journal also features a credit-card PCI compliant shopping cart component that has a multitude of functions for site visitors to utilize, ranging from ticket purchasing/table reservations to online ad and donation submission information. Also included, as part of this complete e-journal system, is the ability for organizers to monitor the success of their event via downloadable reports that provide real-time data for up-to-the minute event performance evaluation. Additionally, Google Analytics reports that offer metrics such as site traffic and viewer ship of sponsor ads.

To ensure that the event receives the attention it deserves, the marketing experts at will send out target email blasts to everyone on the organization's contact list. Utilizing proven call-to-action techniques, these email blasts not only advertise the event for the organization but invite recipients to take a proactive role within the proceedings to maximize fundraising potential and increase event visibility.

Perhaps the greatest advantage offered by this all-in-one e-journal solution is that organizations can still capitalize on their fundraising work long after the event has finished. Post-event information such as donations received and videos from the event itself can be offered through the dedicated website, to allow the organization continued fundraising growth opportunities. Once the post-event stage is complete, the site can then be used to provide further information about the organization to visitors.

As a complete solution to highly successful fundraising and event management, offers non-profit organizations every component required for complete event success. Contact the experts at today to get started. helps an organization to significantly improve and invigorate their approach to event journals by producing a digital e journal, Virtual ad journal, tribute journal, online ad journal, or online program book for your next major fundraising event.

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