How 0800 Numbers Can Boost Your Business

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Freephone numbers, better known as 0800 numbers, can be an important asset to any business, large or small. Even though we may live in the are of computers, most people still prefer to contact businesses by the telephone, since it is more personal than sending an e-mail, and they can get the information they need immediately, rather than having to wait for a reply. Having an 0800 number allows customers to phone your business from anywhere in the nation, without having to worry about long-distance fees or charges. In essence, 0800 numbers are an invitation to customers to contact your company with any requests, questions or concerns they may have.

A freephone number confers a variety of benefits on businesses. Since customers do not have to pay in order to make the call, they are more likely to contact the business. Studies have shown that advertising 0800 numbers for businesses can drive up phone calls by potential customers by as much as 50 per cent. A freephone number opens up new possibilities for national marketing campaigns through the internet and other mass media as well, since customers anywhere will be able to reach you. If your business relocates for any reason, or even opens new branches, you can keep your freephone number identical, so you can avoid confusing customers with a new number. Your number will even remain the same if your land line is changed by a 'Big Number Change.'

When you are considering 0800 numbers for your business, remember that you can choose your freephone number, allowing for creative and catchy numbers that are easy for customers to remember. Service representatives can even help you pick out a number based on the nature of your company. This brand imaging can boost your business in a big way, since an appealing number will make your company associated with a certain product or service in the minds of potential customers.

Whatever your business, whatever the size, having a freephone number is the best way to show customers that your company has a professional commitment to their customers. 0800 numbers demonstrate that you are there to save your customers money, while providing memorably top-quality service.

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