Hosting A Great Dance Party

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Some turn it into a profession while others just want to learn enough to be dangerous for a one-time event. No matter your purpose, knowing how to dish out good music for an event or club takes preparation and good planning to promote a fun atmosphere for those attending. A good disk jockey can really add spice and bring life to a dance floor and encourage participation. After all, a sparsely populated dance floor is no fun.

Do you have a party or event coming up in the near future that requires good music for a lively crowd? Maybe your daughter is turning sixteen and it's time to start planning for that very special "sweet sixteen" birthday bash. Perhaps that "big day" is near and it's time to prepare for a jamming fun time on the dance floor after a lovely wedding ceremony. Or maybe you just love music and want to take hosting events to a new level as a hobby or make DJ'ing your profession and earn good money being a professional Disk Jockey. No matter which category you fit into, quality DJ'ing is becoming a necessary factor in hosting any big event that involves music and dance.

So what are the keys behind learning to be a successful DJ for your purpose? The obvious key is knowing your audience. This almost goes without saying. There's a huge difference between hosting a high school graduation bash and hosting a fifty year anniversary party. Next, know how to mix your music selections. A good DJ knows how to keep the sound smooth, keep it flowing without disruption and knowing the proper times to "MC" or moderate the event and add fun and style for all party goers. If your desire is to become a professional DJ, focus on only a specific music genre or two. Take what genre you enjoy most and focus on it. Promoting your favorite music type or your favorite artists will help an up-incoming disk jockey enjoy their profession even more. And regardless, if your purpose is just for hobby, holding a one time event, or becoming a professional, buy a good instruction guide, book or video program to help hone your skills. Finally, practice. Go through your routine and get good at it. It may look easy changing records or adding those special DJ music features or speaking into a microphone but it's not as easy as it looks. Receiving proper instruction, knowing your equipment, and practicing your routine will certainly pay dividends.

Above all, you're there to entertain and you're the artist, not just someone changing cd's or records. It's up to you to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for those in attendance. Make sure that not only your audience is having fun, but that you're having fun. Make it a blast for everybody.


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