Hosting A Concert -- What You Likely Forgot About…

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You know every detail about the event that will be hosted live in front of 50,000 people, such as who will be in charge of the the stage and props, the lighting, sound, and all other electrical operations. Without performers, your live event will not be able to exist, which is the reason why you have taken the time to learn everything you can about them, such as what their gripes and quirks are, how they will be coming to your venue, and where they are actually coming from. But, did you forget about covering your ground? The concert flooring at your live event will be supporting all of the performers, the 50,000 people that are there to watch the performance, and of course your self!

We are talking about a situation where a little more than 50,000 people will be utilizing your field to jump for joy, walk around, or sit and relax as they enjoy the performance. No matter what grass you are using, whether it be synthetic or natural, you have to find a way to protect it. Don't even think about skipping this important factor; get your field protected, as in now!

When a big group of people are all jumping up and down at the same time, it has the same effect as thousands of hammers all pounding ruthlessly at the ground, which is impossible for any type of turf to withstand if it does not have any type of temporary flooring system, regardless of whether it is synthetic or natural. By not having quality turf protection covers for your synthetic or natural turf, not only will it cost you a lot of money to repair, but your flooring will also look tattered and unappealing to the public eye. Their feet will create divots as they dig into the turf, and this in turn will suffocate the grass as air and water will not be able to seep in, leaving your beautiful stadium field with nothing more than tears and stains. Fans can become very careless once mass hysteria takes over, and when this occurs, your synthetic turf will be left with stains and tears as it finally gives in to the thousands of spilled drinks and people jumping high in the air just to get the attention of their favorite performers. You have done everything you can to make the venue as welcoming as possible for the performers, so now it is time to do the same for your 50,000 fans by ensuring that your natural or synthetic turf is protected by portable event flooring.

Be careful however, because your idea of portable flooring has not been designed from the ground up to give protection to your natural or synthetic grass surface, and in fact can harm it. A common mistake that many amateurs make is by believing that they simply have to lay down some plywood or tarp in order to do the trick, but what they do not realize is that this type of tactic will never be able to stay structurally strong in situations where there is a lot of moisture. The problem with moisture is that it can be sucked into the wood like a sponge, which in turn causes the plywood to soften very quickly. portable flooring

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