Hosted PBX vs. Premise Based PBX

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Business enterprises are always on the look out for smart ways to communicate. In terms of efficient business communication, Hosted PBX systems lead the charge. For small and growing enterprises in earlier times a professional business phone system remained an unfulfilled dream due to lack of finances and resources. With limited telecommunication budgets, choosing a reliable and efficient office phone system is a tough gig.

This need gave birth to a wonderful telecommunication tool- Hosted PBX. But making the choice between on-site bulky closets of yore and the Hosted PBX systems is a formidable task. So in the battle between Hosted and premise based PBX who wins in the end?

There are many factors that can help in deciding which one is the best.

Cost Savings

Hosted PBX is highly money saving and cuts down on fixed capital expenses to as much as 90%. As there is no equipment to buy, monitor, maintain or upgrade, the total cost of ownership is drastically reduced. Hosted PBX has very less complexity and is highly cost effective. The lower monthly costs result in remarkable cost savings.

For companies having offices in different geographic locations Hosted PBX is a great low cost alternative to communicate. Many business enterprises save thousands of dollars on long distance calling by going for Hosted PBX. All you have to pay for is your internet connection so there is no additional cost for international or long distance calling.

Get a desired area code to enjoy local calls anywhere while sitting at home. So in terms of cost effectiveness Hosted PBX is definitely a step ahead of the premise based PBX systems.

Digital Features

Enterprise class features like voicemail, personalized greetings, voicemail to email, find me, follow me, call waiting, call conferencing, extension dialing and many more are usually available for free or available at little added cost. While with premise based PBX one has to pay a hefty sum to avail these features. Moreover digital features like caller id, music on hold, call recording, voicemail transcription are not generally available with traditional PBX- another thumps up for the Hosted PBX.

Enjoy Unmatched Scalability

The earlier PBX systems lasted only a year or two. Once your business scales from 20 employees to 100 employees the clunky box is useless. The upgrading is too costly and time consuming. But with the Hosted PBX systems you get a business phone system you won’t outgrow. So if you scale up to 30% or so, there is no worrying about the PBX that meets your needs. Add or remove any number of extensions easily.

The Best

Whether you are a small or growing enterprise or a Fortune 5000 company, the Hosted PBX is the best choice hands down. Be it cost effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, quality, flexibility, ease of use etc. the Hosted PBX is the sure winner.

So go ahead, sign up for Hosted PBX and get ready for an enhanced telecommunication experience at a price you can afford.

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Technology specialist at The Real PBX ‘Adom Brown’ is a specialist in Hosted VOIP PBX for small and medium business enterprises. The Real PBX Owns and Manages the network and Business PBX Platform.

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