Hosted PBX Systems Have Marked A New Beginning of Telephony

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Technology has made life quite smooth and with the new advancements coming up every now and then, things are unfolding in a much better way than ever expected before. One such advancement has been made in field of business telephony. PBX, an acronym Private Branch exchange was traditionally considered as equipment which was used for internal communication within a business firm. It was just a hardware resource connected with multiple extensions with people routing the calls internally in an organization. Now with the advancement in telephony systems, this traditional business phone system has been converted into a virtual one or one can put it as hosted PBX as well.

From being just a fixed PBX to Hosted PBX systems, one the transition in this technology has been very fruitful. Virtual PBX is loaded with features but at the same time maintain the integrity of the PBX system. It makes use of IP systems that is to say that they work on the same circuitry as your office’s LAN. This system can be rented or leased on an agreement basis which in turn repudiates the need of buying equipments or a person to administer the entire system. The hosted PBX providers take care of the hardware and the communication is delivered to or from a company by passing through their network. Usually, using this set up has a major advantage that your firm would only need sets of wiring in its office for all interaction purposes, voice and data network can interact amongst each other more efficiently and you might just need only one person to administer the entire system setup that is usually software. The major benefits of using these systems are:

Reduced Expenses: Since small and medium scale businesses do not have much to invest at an initial level, Business PBX turns out to be a feasible solution. The setup and maintenance is the responsibility of the service provider. Using these services, one can eliminate the need of purchasing massive equipment and recruiting personnel for the maintenance and up gradation of the system. Moreover, if VoIP service is used, calling rates can be drastically reduced.

Build a big professional image: If you opt for Hosted PBX systems, you can enhance your business communication channel and level the playground with the large organizations at par. The latest calling features offered to you will help you impress your clients and create a better corporate look and feel for your organization.

Set up a virtual office: With Virtual PBX, you do not have to limit your physical presence at a particular location. You can just plug in media from any location and continue your business from there. So, whether you are at office, home or outside, you can carry out your business from wherever you are.

Scale your system as per your needs: Business Hosted PBX systems allow you to scale your system as per your requirements and allow you to be flexible enough to make changes in the existing system. This feature allows you to prevent under utilization of resources.
Mobile workforce: If you are not on your desk, don’t worry about missing out any important call. Any call meant for you can be transferred to your call phone or home phone and you can answer the call from wherever you are. So, you have an option to take your business mobile with Small business PBX.

Get unified means of communications: Unified communications offer blend of both real time and non-real time communication modes and makes communication independent of media. It integrates features such as presence, data backup, unified messaging, instant messaging, one number, etc.

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