Hosted PBX Systems

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Before Alexander Graham Bell succeeded inventing telephone, he was just playing with sounds with a phonautograph, a machine that could trace sound waves. During this time, Thomas Edison and some other scientists were busy solving the increasing traffic in telegraph messaging. Bellís idea was to apply the distribution principles of telegraph messaging to sounds.

Even after Bell invented the telephone he never thought it would not only create a new avenue for communication but it almost replaced the old telegraph, itself. Neither had he known the impact of his works on the communication system of our time. Hence, communication between long distances was made possible and has been continuously developing until today.

In the course of history, telephone has provided fast communication for the public and has even exceeded traditional mailing. Telephone communication was strictly public back then, without any way to harness or privatize it within an area or a group. Today, recent technological advancements enabled it to provide communication exchange in private locations.

PBX or private branch exchange is a telephone exchange circulating in a private business office. Its work is important in private corporations that do not want the expensive cost of telephone exchange directly sourced from the provider. It receives service from a provider but has its own operating system for a large number of lines, mostly through a hosted PBX. The telephone communication provider is usually the hosted PBX provider.

A hosted PBX system is a recent advancement in the invention of PBX. In this system, the exchange is extended over the Public Switched Telephone Network or the Internet. This helps connecting privately barricaded communication with the public, enabling outside calls. Like the Internet that gives a larger scope of service but without price inflation, a hosted PBX provider makes sure features have been improved at the same cost.

The most popular features of a hosted PBX provider include allowing one geographically distributed number for a company (the same principle applied in call centers) and multimodal access such as Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). All these and other important features are made competitive by the hosted PBX provider.

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