Horse Charms : Never Out of Style

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Even though one would not think it would have had such an impact, it seems that horse charm bracelets are one piece of jewelry that is never going to go out of style for as long as people wear things that glitter and shine. Whether you want to celebrate a life event or give a gift that ties into a loved ones passion about horses, the charm bracelet is the perfect gift to purchase.

Horse charm bracelets became popular after Queen Victoria started a fashion trend among the European noble classes. Then soldiers returning home after WW II brought home trinkets to give to loved ones. American teenagers in the 1950s and early 1960s collected charms to record the events in their lives.

In the last decade there has been a resurgence and the popularity of charm bracelets is continuing to grow! Even fashion giants like Louis Vitton have brought high glamour to the charm bracelet, putting them in the "must have' category.

Once you start looking at all of the options out there for charm bracelets, you will see that the possibilities are literally endless. The charm bracelet can be the perfect gift for the horse lover in your life. Just think of the passion that someone must have to love horses. All of the training, the equipment, the accessories and the vet bills, a person who loves horses has the kind of passion that is perfect for a charm bracelet.

To ride a horse, the horse needs equipment for its human rider- a bridle, a saddle, stirrups, a halter, and the horse must have horseshoes. To care for the horse you need horse brushes, hoofpicks, buckets, hay bales to feed, and wheel barrows to haul. And the human must have his own equipment- boots, boot pulls, a cap, chaps, spurs, and many additional necessities and accessories.

The equestrian charm bracelets are bracelets that look amazingly charming, whether in gold or silver. Add a few charms or completely load it up, it is up to you. You just might want to leave a little room for the horse lover to add some of her own favorite pieces.

Fun horse jewelry means flash and flair: don't shy away from bold style and glimmering gems. Your horse jewelry collection should reflect every facet of your personality: this includes the cheerful, happy, upbeat side. Be varied: look for fun horse necklaces, fun horse bracelets, exciting estate jewelry, and more!

Horse Charm Jewelry from can be the perfect piece of jewelry for the person who is crazy about horses! Have fun with your horse lover as you add charms to her favorite piece of jewelry!

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