Horse Art in the Making

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Some owners think their horse is the best in the world, according to an artist from Walla Walla. They love their horses beyond championships. An artist has succeeded in turning this love into money, and she can be found on a ranch on Springdale Road. She can be commissioned to either paint or photograph horses. Aside from her experience with a famous actor's championship endurance mount, Shur Raff Zi, she regularly tends to the regular horse lover.

She has fun while making money. As a teenager, she first took interest in horses. She began by sketching horses, which she started at age 11. These experiences gave her a knack for shading that gives all her horse portraits depth. The essence of each horse is different, and it is their essence that she strives to capture on canvas.

For paintings, she starts by taking a photograph. Onsite sketching is not her style, but she does make occasional marks and notes. There are clients, according to her, who ask for continuous adjustments. They will express preference for a particular angle or request highlighting a certain characteristic.

Some owners love their pets so much that they have facial expressions, wrinkles, and even cowlicks memorized. Most clients want to capture their steeds exactly, not enhanced. Different breeds and events, even barrel racing and cutting, have found their way to her pictures.

Horses in action are harder to render. When a horse is cantering, it is important to capture the best angle, or it can look awkward. With her telephoto lens, she believes she can capture any action angle. She did as many as 15 18 shows every year when making the horse show rounds.

When it came to certain shows, she could practice both photography and painting for the winners. There are serious horse show photographers who do instant photo development in their vans. Then again, she was always more comfortable using her dark room at home.

Family pets of all kinds are also part of her portfolio. She needs a good picture or a personal appointment to paint other animals, as she is much less familiar with them.

She lacks the experience to paint from imagination.

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