Honey for acne

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Honey is not only cute on her stomach ... is actually very good for skin too. Honey is full of drugs that fights bacteria, reduces inflammation and moisturizes the skin. This is why one of the most recommended natural treatments for acne.

Zit Zapping properties of honey

One of the most remarkable properties of the honey's viscosity. Honey is sticky, because most of the water as it is linked to sugar molecules. When honey is in contact with youth need water to survive - such as bacteria - actually catch all that water is available, and kill these organisms, depriving them of water. The presence of water can also produce honey of hydrogen peroxide, a powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.

Some types of honey were also high levels of methylglyoxal, another potent antibacterial compound. The low pH of honey inhibits the growth of many bacteria. What does this have to do with acne, you may ask? Propionibacterium acnes in acne bacteria to grow and make it worse. Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of honey have been shown to kill these bacteria and help clean up the skin. In fact, honey as an effective disinfectant that has been used to cleanse and heal the wounds during both World Wars I and II.

Honey cons acne scars

In addition to killing bacteria, honey can also effectively prevent acne scars and have already lighter. This is largely due to the antioxidants found in honey. These antioxidants cleaning free radicals in the scars of acne and acne that make it look red and swollen. Honey also contains substances that help to remove dead skin cells and promote the growth of healthy new tissue. This helps to heal damaged skin and damage caused by acne and make it look bright and clean again.

The natural cure all acne

Compared with other acne remedies, honey is a natural acne treatment that has few side effects. While topical ointments and creams for dry skin and irritated locks honey, moisture in the skin and make it softer and more flexible. Honey face mask is simple and inexpensive: just dip a sponge in a bowl of honey and apply a thin layer on the face, while gently massaging the skin. Hold this position for about 10 minutes, then rinse with water.

Licking honey is particularly good for your body. The sugar in honey is a treasure trove of energy that is healthy for the body. Ingestion of honey also helps boost the immune system, strengthens and protects the digestive system and protect against cancer and heart disease.

Honey is one of many natural acne treatments can be used with conventional means to remove the skin. Although it is not as effective against the types of acne, their benefits to the skin healthy and clear worth a try.

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