Honest Review of Toshiba REGZA 47ZV650U 47-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV

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REGZA is one HDTV types from a very well known brand in the HDTV industry. This HDTV type belongs to one of great Japanese electronics makers, Toshiba. A new product has emerged in the REGZA line and this is no other than the Toshiba REGZA 47ZV650U 47-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV. Coming in large 47-inch display screen, the 47ZV650U is an LCD HDTV in a piano glossy finish with a silver dotted border making it look like a elegant piece. This design was called as the Deep Lagoon Design by Toshiba and combined with the sleek looking base, it looks absolutely fantastic. Coming with the unit is a removable stand, a remote control with batteries included, a cleaning cloth as well as the user manuals.

The 47ZV650U is a full HD television making it possible to play some of the highest quality media on the planet. In fact, Standard Definition pictures also look good on the unit thanks to the Resolution+ super resolution technology which helps improve the overall quality of the picture. Users can also utilize the Dynalight backlight control that allows the unit to change the brightness of the screen based on the overall ambience of the room. Gamers can also utilize the Gaming Mode on the 47ZV650U which minimizes the lag from the controller to the television. However, this feature doesn't necessarily need to be turned on as well since there are claims that the set is already great for gaming by default.

This unit comes with 4 HDMI ports (3 at the back and 1 at its side). It also allows users to connect their PC to the television through the D-Sub cable if connecting through HDMI is not possible. There is also a USB port as well as an SD card slot in case there is a need to watch or listen to contents from these sources. However, there are claims that some units have faulty USB and SD card ports so be sure to test them before buying.

Picture quality of the 47ZV650U is commendable as well. It uses the latest video processing unit called PixelPure 5G. It will give you sharper and brighter images in with a great depth of color. There are also various color temperatures that the users can use which may affect the overall experience while viewing on this set. The quality of the sound from this unit is pretty decent as this is not coming from home theater unit. Bear in mind that although it is good and gives clear surround sound, it is still suggested to get a home theater unit to increase the overall viewing experience.

The Toshiba REGZA 47ZV650U 47-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV weighs around 50 pounds which isn't too heavy by a 47-inch television standards. It also complies with the Energy Star guidelines which helps decrease the overall power consumption. In short words, it is a sleek looking television with a lot of incredible features.

As you have read from above article, Toshiba REGZA 47ZV650U 47-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV is a great HDTV unit for your home theater room, thank you to its PixelPure 5G technology. You can find more HDTV reviews from this website: Best HDTV Reviews

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