Home Theater Systems - Finding the Best One

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If youíre looking to find the best home theatre system then you have definitely come to the right place. Here we will take a look at the basic features that all home theatre systems should have. We will then take a look at some additional features which are good to look out for. The article will then finish with a look at the major makes of home theater systems.

The Basic Features of a Home Theater

There are many different features that your new home theatre system could have, but here are the basic ones that you definitely need to make sure are included in your new system:
5.1 Sound Channels: if you want to experience full surround sound, then youíre going to need 5.1. What does this mean? Well basically it means that you get five full-frequency audio channels plus one bass-frequency channel.
DVD/CD Player: naturally, you're going to want to play your favourite songs and movies, so you definitely need a DVD/CD player.
Television: are you planning to use your new system for more than just music? If so, then it is obvious that a good television is essential. However, unfortunately many home theaters don't come with their own television set, so it is assumed that you've already got one or will get a new one separately.

Additional Features of a Home Theater

The features described above are the minimum you need to get a good quality sound and audio experience. Nevertheless, in addition there are some extra features you may want to look out for:
3D Video: with 3D so popular now, and with many new 3D TVs now available on the market, you might want to check whether your new system will be able to support 3D.
Bass Boosting: are you the kind of person who watches a lot of actions films or plays a lot of loud music? If so, then you want to make sure itís able to produce really good bass sounds.
Internet Compatible: nowadays there is a lot of entertainment you can get from the internet, you might want to check whether your new system will be able to download music and videos from the internet.
Connectivity with Other Devices: What kind of connections will your new home theater have? You want maximum connectivity, so that you have the option to be able to connect your computer or other devices such as an MP3 player.

The Most Important Home Theater System Brands

Sony: $50-$1,000. Extremely large collection of products to suit all requirements and price ranges.
Samsung: $99-$798. A decent range of products across a rather wide price range.
Yamaha: $121-$1297. A broad assortment of premium products.
Onkyo: $99-$1,000. A decent assortment of products across a large spectrum of prices.
Panasonic: $75-$550. Another decent assortment of products.
LG: $225-$1,000. Not very many products in this range, but they are high quality.
Coby: $44-$141. Not a big range, and all of the lower price end.

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