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Telephones are, as we all agree, the greatest invention ever made. Without telephones, world would not have been as we see it today. Communication would have been almost equal to non existent and the world would have been a place we know nothing about.

Telephones have achieved what everyone thought to be unachievable. Earlier the only way of communicating over a long distance were letters, which would take, like forever, to reach to the person for whom it is intended. Even every urgent news had to pass across this way. But, now with telephones, you have your message delivered with just a ring.

The traditional home phones or land lines have become an unavoidable part of everyone's lives. Even with the invention of mobile phones, home phones still remain a necessity and cannot be replaced by any breakthrough in the telecommunication industry. But there have been a lot of advancements in home phones. Cordless phones are the result. The basic telephones consist of a receiver and a base. In cordless phones, as is clear from the name, there is no wired connection between the cradle and the base. The connection is made through radio waves, over a limited range.

The cordless phones are also being highly developed and the limited range of connectivity over radio waves are no long limited with PHS and DECT which facilitates handover, data transfer and even international roaming on a limited level.

Home phones, these days are not just used for calling your friend or family who staying at some faraway place. There are many applications of a telephone. It facilitates fax, dial up internet connections, and the advanced home phones also provide for messaging and much more.

Besides all these home phones and cordless phones are an integral part of offices more than homes. It is one of the basic necessities for starting up an office because it provides a constant, all time available number for the office, for clients and customers to call.

Best home phones and cordless phones by leading manufacturers like Panasonic, Sony, etc. can be bought at reasonable rates from the online stores and you can even have it delivered at your doorsteps. Compare the prices and get the best phones your office as well as home.

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