Home Depilatory Creams and Waxing Strips - Are They Worth It?

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Some form of hair removal in the sensitive bikini area is an absolute must nowadays. It is unthinkable for any of us, whether male or female, to be caught out in public, on the beach or at the swimming pool in a bikini without first having taken the time to remove excess body hair. Many still favour the shaving route of course however, sadly, this can often lead to red, uncomfortable shaving rashes.

For many, professional epilation in a salon is a luxury we simply can not afford and, as much as we would like to lay down our hard-earned cash for one of the latest IPL hair removal systems, the hundreds of dollars, pounds, or euros required is also beyond our means.

The good news is, there are now a number of depilatory and waxing at home solutions available on the market. Many supermarkets and drugstores offer own brands of super quality at a super price however, sometimes cheaper is not always better. When it comes to home solutions for bikini waxing and hair removal creams the Veet and Nair brands have really come up trumps.

Nair offer the Nair Bikini Cream. It is milder than their solution for hair removal on the legs and will leave you with a smooth, hair free bikini zone. Veet is another popular brand. They offer the Bikini and Underarm Kit for this sensitive area. It works in exactly the same way as the Nair cream. The downside with depilatory creams however is the mess so if you donít mind suffering a little pain waxing may be a better solution for you.

Again, many supermarkets and drug stores offer own brands but you may end up with clumps of wax in hard to reach areas that are pretty difficult to clean. Although they are a little more expensive than some other brands the Ready-to-Use Wax Strips from Veet are well worth paying that little bit extra for. They are convenient and easy-to-use and if you get a bit stuck with the hard to reach areas you can always ask your sister, a friend or partner for some help.

Donít forget after-care treatment. Be sure to apply copious amounts of moisturiser and steer clear of sunbathing and hot baths. It goes without saying you should always be sure to read the instructions for use for whichever product you choose.

For more home waxing and hair removal tips, please visit Bikini Waxing HQ. Bikini Waxing HQ is a site dedicated to providing advice for anyone considering waxing at home.

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