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Its been a while now since the latest of the The Dark Knight films has been released, fans are really stoked for news on another Nolan Batman film. Rumors have been soaring around the web for over a year now. These rumors have been based on everything from my sister told me to something taken out of context from an interview.

The reality, at least for now is that Batman 3 has yet to be written. Yes some thoughts have been thrown around but, Warner Bros. hasn't been able to sign Nolan. Will he be back, probably but its not for sure. The second movie was very successful and it will be hard to top without him. This huge delay in the making has given time to fuel some grand rumors. So lets take a look at some of the most prevalent.

The Catwoman is back, and will be played by none other than Angelina Jolie. Another rumor or wishful thinking anyways. Again these rumors started before there was even a script. There have been so many actresses named as the next Catwoman that its not worth even going over. If and when Catwoman is brought into the script, Angelina would be a great choice but lets leave her out for at least one more movie.

In an Interview with Michael Caine, he said that the Riddler would be played by Johnny Depp. This rumor although could possibly end up being true someday, was pretty much taken out of context. How can Johnny Depp play a character that hasn't even been written into the film. In fact at the time, there wasn't even anyone working on the script.

The Next Batman Film will be entirely in IMAX. This rumor is floating around and has a little pull. Although the whole movie will most likely not be filmed that way, Nolan has mentionaed that he wants to get more IMAX cameras. This could probably mean at least some more big scenes shot that way. Maybe we could get a bigger taste, but the actuality is that to shoot the entire picture this way would blow the budget out of the water.

In closing, its hard to believe anything you hear about Batman. The one thing that is for certain is that there will be one. The last movie made far too much money for Warner Bros. to not keep it going. If you hear a rumor and think it might be worth looking into check out the Batman sites around the net, or just wait. Eventually the truth will come out.

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