Holiday Photo Cards Designed by Kids

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Holiday season usually highlights children activities. Most of the time, they are the ones enjoying the vacation sprees and gifts. This is also a time for them to get busy in making their own holiday cards and send these to their friends, aunts, uncles and cousins.

A child’s imagination is vast and could create a lot of great masterpieces since they are capable of thinking good ideas to make for a holiday card. They could even make their own photo cards from pictures they’ve taken all by themselves. In giving them the opportunity to make their own holiday cards, they could also help in saving a part of the budget in their family saving intended for the holiday season. Instead of purchasing costly holiday cards, kids could make and design their own photo holiday cards.

How to Make

For children who are interested in making their own holiday cards, they should have the needed materials in card making. Some parents help their kids buy colored papers, pens and crayons. With a child’s imagination, they could create a beautiful and unique card from an oddly looking colored paper.

Consider buying materials that are non-toxic and safe for child use. Child safe materials will help you in ensuring that your son or daughter will be working on a project that will not be harmful for his or her health.

Deciding for Themes and Messages

Next thing to keep in mind is the theme your child would want to work on with making his own holiday greeting cards. Some young kids are very much interested in capturing photos or even modeling for a photo shoot. Make this as their advantage and keep track of everything that they need to do for their own holiday photo cards. Set up a part of your home into a photo studio and dress your child with costumes intended for the holiday season. In this way, you and your child will not only have the opportunity to work together, but also get the chance of having quality time together.

In making holiday cards, kids must know what to say inside their cards. Messages for friends and relatives should be sincere so advise your kids to create their greeting card message to be included in their photo holiday cards.

Making and sending holiday cards nowadays will be easy since there are many companies who are willing to render their services in creating and sending holiday cards without hassle. Kids will always be interested in doing things out of their daily routine and in making their own holiday photo cards, they will have the opportunity to share their talents and ideas with a craft that they have done out of pure imagination and creativity.

Mavis Hayes is a mom of two wonderful boys and a wife to her engineer husband. She is a working mom, currently a partner of, a company that hosts innovative and creative photo invitation cards like Holiday Photo Cards. Make your own holiday photo cards at

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